Android Retro Game Of The Week: Random Heroes


Retro is back and so is the awesome development team behind equally awesome games like League of Evil. This time they're bringing us Random Heroes, the wildly explosive action platformer that is going to knock your socks off. That is, assuming you even wear socks. If you don't you should at least clean your feet. Hygiene people, hygiene. ran
Random Heroes has all the retro and zany off the wall action packed humor and adventure you could want in a platformer so large that you just might assume you could eat it with a fork. Don't do that though. It might not taste as good as it sounds.ran3
Random Heroes features over 40 levels of wholesome goodness. Which, if you think about it, is a mighty fine substitute for your morning bowl of cereal. In fact, just skip breakfast all together and play Random Heroes. You're allowed to brew some coffee though. That's ok. In case you already had a problem with decision making, Noodlecake Studios is here to further enable you with 24 different characters to choose from during your attempts to master this game. Think of them as a launch pad, helping you reach new and untold heights of gamer extremism. ran2
Once you have finally landed on a choice of who to play, embark on your journey to dispose of the many evil baddies that lie in wait to harvest your corpse. How will you do this you ask? With one of 17 different weapons that are generously strewn throughout the game. No you can't use them all at once. Don't be greedy. Save some for the other heroes. Plus, that'd be impossible you don't have 17 arms. Does anyone else think that's a really weird number of arms to have? Like maybe you had 18 and one got cut off somehow during your heroic exploits. ran4
Anywho, enough talk. The game is $0.99 and you already know you want it so i'll save you some trouble searching and post a link below. Enjoy the images we have included here for you to gawk at. MMM games…. here's a random youtube video to show you the action first hand.ran5