Android Retro Game Of The Week: Isle Of Bxnes


Some games are just too easy these days. Indie Dev studio Whalenought Studios would agree. That's why they've brought us Isle of Bxnes. They remember the days when games were so difficult that if you died just one more time before making any real headway that you'd just have to bash your head against the wall. Or break your controller, which would certainly hurt less.Isle-of-Bxnes-screenshot1
Isle of Bxnes is inspired from action rpgs of the old days where you had more of a chance for success to build your own rocket than win. Perseverance be damned, no matter how hard you try, you'll never beat that last level.(or so you'd think)In Isle of Bxnes, you're the head of an island tribe that is being led east by a mysterious set of lights. In your quests to move east in search of what is drawing you near, you'll encounter many dangers and must make choices that could ultimately lead to your demise many times over. Isle-of-Bxnes-Carnage
You'll have to search for and find resources and decide how to survive. You can heal people to keep them alive, and you can even mate to produce offspring, which in turn may end up trained hunters of your tribe. That is, if you so choose to train them. You start off the game by selecting your tribe. Augment them with things like voodoo dolls, and equip them with ruthless skills to help you and your tribe stay alive. Aside from the many merciless enemies you'll encounter on your adventure, each gaming session you have is completely randomized with unique islands and items sets, and varied enemy encounters. Isle-of-Bxnes-Medic
You'll engage in epic boss battles like any good old action rpg, however the outcome and who you end up fighting could depend ultimately on what choices you make throughout the game.(replay value alert) Whatever you do, once choice seems to be a no brainer. It would be wise to find a mate and have some sons. With things like the possibility of permadeath looming over you(your tribe dies without you as their hunter), having a son could mean your tribe lives on. Reincarnation through your sons gives you another chance to forge a new destiny and continue your legacy. As always, their skills will be randomized completely, so they could ultimately end up a weakling and you might just die again really quick anyway. Sorry for your luck.Isle-of-Bxnes-Mating
Although playing Isle of Bxnes might seem bleak and stroke inducing, you'll absolutely love the hand drawn pixel art strewn about. It's like a shot of nostalgia straight to your frontal lobe. If you have a craving for ridiculously hard video games with endless choices and gameplay that is never the same, reach into your pockets and give Whalenought Studios $2.99, than you can begin your journey towards destruction. Or Glory? It is also worth mentioning that the game is a one time buy, so no IAP here. The game will be just be hard because dammit, it was made that way.