Android Retro Game Of The Wee: HEAVY Sword


Platformers are one of video games most beloved genres. They're a classic game style that delivers hours of enjoyment to fans and you just can't help but love the simplistic nature of a platformer. At least a retro platformer. Monster Robot Studios HEAVY sword is inspired by classic retro platformers and has all the charm with none of the frustration of having to blow on the cartridge.heav
In HEAVY sword you assume the role of the young hero Pike, and embark on a quest to save the Princess Lucinda before its too late. Yet another classic feature of old school platformers, saving the princess is your duty.You must overcome obstacle after obstacle if you're going to rescue her from an untimely demise. There are plenty of enemies who stand in your way from goblins to robot knights, and don't forget about the wizards. There's always wizards. you must risk your life through many a danger if you will be victorious.heav3
Fear not though young Pike, it is the ridiculously humongous "Heavy Sword" that you will end up wielding that can help you forge a path to save the day. Experience loads of excitement across tons of levels and adorn yourself with lavish power ups to help boost your awesome hero abilities. There are game center achievements to unlock as well as special in game extras like a memory match card game. heav2
Controls in HEAVY sword are nothing if not easy to pick up. You have a simple four button layout comprised of left and right arrow buttons for movement and B, A for jumps and attacks. Its games like this one that really make gaming on Android enjoyable, especially for those of us that grew up with 16 bit graphics and can obtain a little bit of nostalgia with a retro styling. HEAVY sword is on currently on sale right now for the Thanksgiving weekend special price of $0.99. Do not delay in picking this game up because you will regret it later for possibly many hours. Until you give in and buy it anyway days later at the higher price once the sale is over.