Android Phone Comparisons: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs LG G2

Since we did a comparison with the HTC One Max and LG G2, it seems only fair that we compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the LG G2 as well, especially with so many Google+ talks about these two popular devices and how they square off against one another.  The screen sizes are .5-inch difference, but they both use the same great processor; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core beast running at 2.3GHz.  Other items they share in common are - the 32GB of Internal Storage, although the Galaxy Note 3 also includes a microSD slot to add an additional 64GB of storage.  They both have 13MP cameras with the LG G2 having a 2.1MP FFC and the Galaxy Note 3 has a 2MP FFC...certainly the software and interface are different between the manufacturers, but both devices take beautiful pictures.  Battery size is also very close with a slight nod going to the Galaxy Note 3 with its 3200mAh battery vs. the 3000mAh battery on the LG G2, although with a larger screen of the Note 3, the battery life should be similar.  Naturally, with the larger screen, the Galaxy Note 3 is slightly taller (152.1 vs. 138.5mm), wider (79.2 vs. 70.9), but actually slightly thinner than the LG G2 (8.3 vs. 8.9mm), and slightly heavier (167g vs. 143g).


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Now let us look at some of the features/differences that the Galaxy Note 3 may have that are not available on the LG G2 model.  The first thing that stands out, spec wise, is the additional Gigabyte of RAM, 3GB vs. 2GB.  The next item is the availability of the microSD slot for adding up to 64GB of additional storage space.  From a physical standpoint, besides its larger body, in both length and width, the most glaring addition is that of the S-Pen.  This may be a plus or minus in your book, depending on how you use your smartphone, but if you make use of the S-Pen, as I do, then the suite of software from on the Galaxy Note 3 will blow you away. Samsung has integrated the use of the S-Pen on the Note 3, that it is a true phablet in every sense of the word - combining both a smartphone and a PDA of sorts, only to the tenth degree.


Other than the smaller size, again, a plus or a minus depending on your preferences, and lower price, there is little reason to pick the LG G2 over the Galaxy Note 3.  The LG G2 is an excellent phone and with the .5-inch smaller screen size, it is a little more portable for smaller handed people, or those that prefer a large, yet not huge screen would find themselves well served with the LG G2.  Our review shows the camera and device to be very capable and with its own unique software options, like KnockOn, make it an easy phone to feel comfortable using, even with its on/off and volume switch placed on the back of the device.

...And the Winner is...

The Galaxy Note 3: The complete overall software package, the S-Pen, the extra RAM, the microSD slot, and the better and more complete multitasking on the Galaxy Note 3,really make it a winner and the phone by which to judge others.  It may be too large for many users' taste, but we are comparing it to another phablet (over 5-inches) as well.  When it comes to software innovation (and gimmicks, in some cases) and the available S-Pen integration, multitasking, and specifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, is the "real deal."

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ which of these phablets do you prefer and why.

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