Android Phone Comparisons: HTC One Max vs HTC One

HTC One Max vs One Collage

Here we have the battle of the HTC brothers; the HTC One Max and its little brother, the HTC One – both identical, except for screen and battery size, oh, and the fingerprint scanner on the HTC One Max. Both of these beautiful devices from HTC are spun from aluminum with a slightly curved back, and that give them a look and feel of quality. The both have the large, dual, stereo speakers on the front that incorporate what HTC calls BoomSound and they really do sound better than any other smartphone out on the market…and centered on the front/bottom is exactly where they should be located – but obviously, do not expect to use your HTC device as a spare speaker for your stereo system, after all, it is still a smartphone. Speaking of speakers, there is a large earpiece at the top making it easy to listen to your caller.

While HTC would have you believe that the camera is something really special with its “UltraMegapixel” arrangement – it does a good job, but nothing spectacular. Of, course, they both have HTC’s Sense as their Android skin – not a bad thing as it appears to be less obtrusive than others, like Samsung’s TouchWiz. HTC has enough “sense” to update their Sense on a regular basis.


Spec Sheet

HTC One Max

HTC One Max

The HTC One Max, with its 5.9-inch display, is finally arriving on the scene and it is an enormously large and beautiful device – simply an HTC One that has been stretched in all directions with added weight, of course. The battery is jumped way up from 2300mAh to 3300mAh to power this beast and they added a fingerprint scanner on the back and HTC finally added a spot for a microSD card. The HTC One Max is going to be a great device to watch videos, movies, or to play a game – as well as reading, web browsing, or looking at photos. If you use your device for those functions, then the HTC One Max may be for you.



The smaller brother, although first born, is the HTC One, that finally entered the world after delays with suppliers, but it has sold well and was reviewed with accolades from most critics. HTC pulled out all the stops with its design and choice of materials (aluminum) and was an instant winner…is it perfect, heck no, but what device is. From this original HTC One came an HTC One Mini – rather a disappointment, as the specs were pared down as well as the size, and just recently, its bigger brother, the HTC One Max. The HTC One is a great all around device coming in with that 4.7-inch “sweet spot” that many users prefer. With a great looking screen, sound, and looks, you cannot go wrong.

…And the Winner is…HTC One ?

HTC Max vs One


I had to call this one a draw – the two HTC’s are practically identical except for the size of the display and the physicality itself. Personally I will always buy a big screen as it is easier for me to read, makes surfing the web easier, pictures are easier for me to work with since I dabble in photography, and on my Galaxy Note 3, I take a lot on notes and the larger screen makes that task easier. I also keep my device in my front shirt pocket, so I do not have to worry about getting it down my pants pockets or sitting with it in said pocket.

I understand that many users do not want that large of a device, so if you are one of those that likes a “normal” sized phone, then you would want the HTC One with the smaller screen and easier to handle size. So either one of these devices would be a winner of you, depending on your personal preference – large or small, you decide.

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what your decision would be regarding these two beautiful devices.