Android Phone Comparisons: Google Nexus 5 vs Apple iPhone 5s

Collage Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5s



Here we go with two phones from totally opposite camps – pure Apple iOS 7 versus pure Android 4/4 KitKat – like comparing Apples and Oranges. I would say that these two operating systems could not be further apart, but with latest rendition of iOS, it comes closer and closer to looking like Android.  However, that is where the similarity stops, only in the “looks” department, because Android still offers much more opportunity for customization and multitasking. Apple iOS 7 does offer a simplicity that many users want – I have a neighbor that I recommended that she get an iPhone as she already had an iPad her ex-boyfriend bought her for Christmas the year before.

Other than the fact that neither one has an expansion slot, about the only similarity between the two devices would be their camera specifications. The camera has always been a sore spot with the Nexus line and and a high spot for the iPhone, but the Nexus 5‘s camera with OIS has elevated itself – not to the iPhone’s stature, but the Nexus 5 can certainly hold its own against most other phones.

Google Nexus 5

Nexus 5 front

We have analyzed this phone to death these past couple of weeks, and for good reason, it is the newest pure Android 4.4 KitKat and it arrived with many improvements over the previous Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It continues to add features, optimize for better battery life and, refine the operating system so that will even run on as little as 512K – making it available to use on lower end devices, and that really shows some foresight on Google’s part.

The processor is top-notch, 2GB of RAM, finally 16GB/32GB of internal storage and then we have that beautiful Full HD 5-inch display with 445 ppi. The Nexus 5 has a larger battery, though like the iPhone, is not removable. The price of the Nexus 5 is also a real plus as the amount listed is a the full, off-contract contract price. One thing going against the Nexus 5 is no availability on Verizon.

Apple iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Front

This September Apple released the new iPhone 5s, which physically is very much like the iPhone 5 – the two biggest differences are the built-in fingerprint sensor and the new iOS 7.  This iOS is the biggest change in the operating system since the iPhone debuted, built from the ground up it was supposed to elevated the aging iOS to a new level…but it seems as those the colors and icons changed to a “cartoonish” look, added a few features, but still is a rigid, unchangeable format.

Specification wise it is really no screamer, although Apple has planned for the future with a 64-bit processor, it does little now other than serve as an advertising ploy. The fingerprint scanner is a nice touch and within a year most flagship devices with also sport one for security purposes as online banking and “wallets” continue to become more relevant. The battery is small and price is fairly expensive and there is still no NFC chip.

…And the Winner is…Nexus 5

Nexus 5 front


These two phones probably have more of a following and hardcore fans than any other smartphones, yet have two widely separated philosophies – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The Nexus 5 just out powers the iPhone in specs (64-bits means little at this point in the iPhone), larger, better definition screen, more memory, and more value for the money. Apple may have “redesigned” their iOS 7 from the ground up, but Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat has more features and more functions and optimized with developer friendly features and able to work on only 512K – a home run. Let us know in the comments or on Google+  what you think of these two phones.