Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – November 8th Edition



HTC One SV Getting Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5




Users with the international model of the One SV from HTC are getting a nice surprise this week. With Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 rolling out to the handset. Both of which are surprising updates to a device of this stature. However, considering HTC are trying their best when it comes to updates these days, it's not all that surprising. At 431MB the new firmware brings with it Sense 5.0 and Android 4.2.2. Bringing you BlinkFeed and a much cleaner interface. The software number you're looking for is 3.11.401.1 and should be rolling out across Europe and anywhere with the International model right about now.

Verizon to Update DROID RAZR M With Bugfixes




The Droid RAZR M is finally getting another update, after months of being kicked to the curb by Verizon. As you can see in the very small changelog above, there's not much to write home about this time around and the update is yet to go live. The update will still leave the Droid RAZR M at Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and there are no plans to take it further than that. We suppose this is what happens when Big Red releases a line of Droid phones every year.

Droid ULTRA and MAXX Get Update From Verizon




Sticking with Big Red here, their flagship Droid devices are getting a little more love than the RAZR M. As you can see above, most of the changes here are little fixes but, the Camera has been given some more attention and there's a little bonus in play, too. The update brings with it the 50GB promotion for Google Drive, giving Droid ULTRA and MAXX users a free 50GB to use in Google Drive. Who said Verizon didn't value your custom? The software build is 12.15.10 and while it's not gone live just yet, you should expect something in the next day or two.

Verizon Finally Show the LG Intuition Some Love and Finally Android 4.1




The odd LG Intuition was never one of Verizon's brightest ideas but, we assume they sold at least 10 of them. Now though, they're updating the Intution, finally bringing with it Android 4.1. This is another OTA that Verizon has confirmed but, it's not gone live just yet. As you might imagine, this is probably going to be a sizable update so, it's perhaps best to save that data allowance and pull this one down on WiFi. Android 4.1 finally hits the intuition and of course, there's a whole raft of app updates and bloatware coming along for the ride, too.

Verizon Update Galaxy Note 3 With Teeny Tiny OTA




Verizon is on a roll this week, next up is the Galaxy Note 3 with a two-point changelog for an update. We're assuming this is the same update that fixes audio quality that rolled out to many other users last week. The new build number is VRUBMJ7 and should take no more than a few minutes to deal with.

US Cellular Sends Out Android 4.3 Update to Galaxy S4


Just as you thought this week's OTA Roundup would end with Verizon, US Cellular come in and steal the show. Android 4.3 with a build number of R970TYUEMJA is coming to US Cellular users starting from today. The main feature here is Android 4.3, and of course Galaxy Gear support. If you were wondering just how good the Gear is now that you can actually use it, why not take a look at our review. The update might take a few more days to get to everyone but, it's good to see US Cellular not drag their feet with this one. Kudos.

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