Android News U.K. Roundup – 10/17/13 – 4G LTE in Cumbria, HTC Desire 500, Moto G and More!



HTC Desire 500 Lands in The UK




The Desire brand has gone from being a flagship range for HTC to a budget offering. While that might seem a shame in some people's eyes, it is good for those on a budget as their devices offer a lot, without needing to pay a lot. The Desire 500 is not a great device, with it's 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.6 Ghz Dual-Core CPU, and only 4GB of storage but, it will be going for cheap and it should be a decent device at Christmas. However, the Moto G has recently landed in the UK too, so there's more choice at the low-end of the spectrum than there ever has been.

EE's 4G Hits Cumbria




Rural areas of the UK are often left without broadband access, or at least broadband access that isn't much to speak of. EE however, is doing something to change that entirely as their 4G network has now hit the rural area. With average speeds reaching somewhere in the region of 20mbps, it might be the best way for people to get online quickly in the area. From December 6th to January 21st, Cumbrians can get 20GB of data for £25 a month, with each 4GB costing £10.

Moto G Now Available From Phones 4u, For Just £120

Moto G 8


Motorola's incredible Moto G is hitting the UK and it's now available from Phones 4u. The device is Motorola's attempt to deliver a quality experience without breaking the bank and frankly, we think they've done that. £119.95 plus a £10 top-up voucher will get you an 8GB Moto G on pay-as-you-go, and the 16GB will run for £149.95 including the top-up voucher. Launching with Android 4.3 and getting Android 4.4, KitKat in January next year, the Moto G is a steal at this price. The Nexus 5 is a good deal at £300 but, the Moto G is less than half that and could offer general consumers the same sort of experience.

YotaPhone to Hit the UK Before End of the Year




The interestingly designed YotaPhone with its e-ink display and normal 4.7-inch display will finally becoming to the UK before the year is out. There's no word on pricing or a concrete date but, the device shouldn't cost much more than £300, or at least we're hoping so. The e-ink display offers a whole lot of benefits and we're sure many of you will be able to benefit from it. You can take a look at the specs below, and read more here.

  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
  • Dual Core 1.7GHz Processor
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Storage
  • MAIN SCREEN 4.3" 720—1280 LCD, 16.7M colors; capacitive multi touch
  • BACK SCREEN 4.3" 360—640 eInk, 16 grayscale
  • Main camera 13MP with LED flash,
  • Front camera 1MP
  • 1800mAh Battery

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