Android News U.K. Roundup – 10/11/13 – Nexus 5, Galaxy Gear, Best Value Networks and More!



HTC One Getting Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 in the UK




UK owners of an HTC One should have gotten a pretty nice surprise in the week, Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 should have come down to your device. It's a sizable update, bringing the version number up to  3.62.401.1. Notable editions/changes here are Sense 5.5 which includes changes to BlinkFeed and more. Overall, this is a nice update to have and refreshing that it's already arrived so quickly after the One Max's release.

Google Throws Out London HQ Design, Wants Something Better



If you're familiar with the original London HQ design of Google's, no doubt you thought it pretty impressive. After all, Google were ready to spend £650 Million on a building with a running track on the roof! However, now they've scrapped that design. Not because they've fallen out with London or anything like that but, because they want something better. Google have said that they want "to challenge ourselves to do something even better". No matter what it is they eventually settle on, we're pretty sure it'll be awesome.

Nvidia's Tegra Note Hits the UK As the Advent Tegra Note Available From PC World and Currys




We know what you're thinking, Advent? That's not a name we associate with quality? Well, thankfully, this is an Advent device in name only. It's basically Nvidia's reference Tegra Note tablet with their label on it, meaning you can rest easy. At £179, and available now, the Tegra Note offers a decent enough alternative to Google's tablet. With a quad-core Tegra 4 CPU, a 1280 x 800 display, stock Android 4.2 and more, it's a decent offering. However, that extra £20 for the new Nexus 7 goes a long way…

Carphone Warehouse no Longer Selling The Nexus 5 Unlocked




Those of you still looking for a Nexus 5 won't be able to get one from Carphone Warehouse any longer as they're no longer selling the device unlocked. They did say that they only had a limited number available and it would appear that this number has now run dry. You can still buy the device from the Play Store but, you'll be waiting for some time of course.

Three and Tesco Mobile Named Best Value Mobile Brands




Three and Tesco Mobile have been named the best value networks in the UK. In the uSwitch awards, Tesco and Three were named best value with networks like O2 claiming the prize for best Pay Monthly network and for perks, no doubt thanks to their O2 Priority Moments. As for the best PAYG network? That went to GiffGaff, to take a look at other winners take a look at this.

Phones 4U Offering Free Galaxy Gear When you Buy a Galaxy Note 3




If you're looking to get hold of the Galaxy Gear, you can get one for free from Phones 4U when buying the Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 itself is a pretty great device and you can see so for yourself in our review. The Galaxy Gear would normally run for £299 on its own, making a free one very nice indeed. However, if you're on the fence about that too, you can check out our review here.