Android Gaming: The Quiet Storm

November 25, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Games have been around for centuries. The types of games we play and how or who we play them with have evolved over the years, from gambling to first person shooters, changing rapidly to suit our tastes. Regardless of this particular fact, one thing has remained the same. Games are fun. In recent years Android has been big contributor to the gaming boom that is still growing exponentially, and a big part of this is that our phones and/or tablets are always with us. At least, for most of us. In a generation where games are a huge part of most peoples lives, it makes sense that we are seeing a shift of people playing more games on their mobile devices which they carry with them during their day to day, than on their consoles.real_racing3_8Games on Android have been around since the beginning, but they have come a very long way from the days of the G1 to where they are now. While most people see gaming on Android or mobile devices as a time passer at best, the reality is that its much more than that. Android is helping to dutifully close the gap between mobile and console/PC gaming, not only from a fun standpoint, but graphically as well;And there’s no denying it.unnamedWith multiple games like Temple Run, Plants VS. Zombies, DOTS, Words with Friends and many others all reaching close to or over 5 million downloads, the facts are there. People love android, and people love games. It stands to reason that people love games on their Android. And why shouldn’t they? There fun, and often times easy to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time without having to interrupt your day or you can play for hours. With google play games services you can now even interact with friends and family in a whole new way across a gaming centered hub to share achievements and leaderboard scores, boast and brag about your gaming prowess, and even just see what everyone else is playing.


Whatever your taste, guaranteed there is game for you on Android. If you like puzzle games, there are plenty of those. RPG titles more your style? There’s certainly no shortage of them. Even AAA RPG titles like the first 5 games in the Final Fantasy series are at your fingertips. With games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead Trigger 2, Bladeslinger, and Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf blurring the lines between what you’d expect to see on a console and on your phone or tablet, playing games on Android is truly an amazing experience.
Still not convinced that Android gaming has changed the way we play and interact? maxresdefaultTake a look at Ingress. Ingress has single handedly changed the face of gaming. Developed by Google’s own in house gaming studio Niantic, Ingress has taken legions of people who bond together over a common ground that may have otherwise never met in person, and mashed them together in a way that has allowed them to interact with one another outside of the digital game world. You can even gamble on your android device if you so choose. poker

Much like you would see people play a hand of texas hold em’ on, you can put on your poker face and trade hands with the best of them on your phone or tablet and with a little luck, come out on top. Gaming/gambling on Android phones has truly shaped the way people play games.If you are still skeptical, download a few and try them for a week. It’ll be hard not to put them down. As technology gets better and better, Android games will continue to increase in depth and complexity, and they will continue to make us laugh, smile, share, and even throw out an expletive or two if you hate to lose. If you love games like we do, even if you’re just the casual once a week gamer, join us in excitement over all that games do for us. Game on, and share with us in the comments what your currently playing or what your favorite game is.