Android Game Weekly 11/30/13-Nakama, Assassins Creed Pirates, Final Fantasy IV The After Years, Angry Birds, Humble Mobile Bundle 3


Crescent Moon Games Drops Nakama For Some Retro Ninja Goodnessnakama_box
This 2D sidescrolling brawler type game is one of chaotic excellence. Nakama from Crescent Moon Games brings all the great things about retro games back with a vengeance. You play as a ninja who is set out on a quest to avenge his village and friends,nexusae0_unnamed-85 and the only way to reach your goal is to go through every block headed(literally, their heads are shaped like blocks) bad guy you come across. Simple controls with only four buttons are accompanied by super fast paced ninja action. Slash and jump, and jump and slash, than dash and slash your way to the end. The game is free and even supports the moga controller, and its lots of fun. Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Assassin Creed Pirates Coming December 5thAssassins-creed-pirates-android-game
Ubisoft is finally going to be launching their Assassins Creed game for android. It won't be like the console/PC version of Assassins Creed however, but rather you will be controlling a ship and scouring the high seas for loot. You will have to keep your ship upgraded to stay strong and destroy other ships along the way.Assassins-creed-pirates-android-game-2 The game is basically a naval warfare game with an assassins creed theme. From the video it looks promising but it remains to be seen if it'll be worth the $4.99 pricetag that is coming along with its release onto the play store.


Final Fantasy IV The After Years Makes It To Androidfinal-fantasy-4-years-after-android-game
If you're a Square Enix fan and have played all of or most of the Final Fantasy games that have come to android up till now, we have one more for you that arrived in the play store this week. Final Fantasy IV The After Years is the true sequel to the smash hit Final Fantasy IV. The After Years takes place some 17 years after the events in FFIV, and instead of mashing a bunch of unlikely heroes together in glorious intricate ways to defend the world from destruction, The After Years puts you in charge of all the games heroes separately as part of their very own You play through ten different tales during the game, each one about one of the different characters specific to them. You start off playing the tale of Cecil's son(Cecil is the main character in FF IV) and by completing his tale you unlock the tales of six others, which can be played in any order you wish. Once you finish those six, you proceed back to the main story with the last three tales. FF IV The After Years has the same iconic active time battle system, lunar phases which can affect combat, and Google Play Games Support. If you want to dig in to The After Years, break out $15.99 and the adventure is yours.

Angry Birds Gets Another New Update With 30 Levelsangry-birds-kombo-android
Angry Birds received an update back on Tuesday that added 30 brand new levels to the game. The setting for these new levels is in a super secret pig lair where the pigs are conducting evil experiments, and they must be stopped. 30 new levels of swine madness might seem a bit overwhelming if it weren't for the bomb birds new power up called shockwave, Angry-Birds-labs-update-1which creates a burst of energy around the bird upon exploding that annihilates everything around it. Rovio has also added some goofy new potions that make the pigs look a little different than they normally do. If you haven't picked up this update yet, head on over to the play store now to grab it.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds More Gamesmaxresdefault
Those of you that keep up with Humble Bundle know that Humble Mobile Bundle 3 was already awesome with the original games in the list. As of four days ago they added in three new games to make the deal even sweeter. For the average price of $5.40 you can pick up 9 super sweet games comprised of total enjoyment, which now includes Desert Bus, Hundreds, and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Nine incredible games for less than six bucks. What more could a gamer ask for? Head on over to the humble Bundle website if you still haven't grabbed the bundle pack, and hurry as you only have just under three days left. If you already purchased the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 some time ago, the games are added for free at the average price you paid and added to your game library.