Android Game Weekly 11/23/2013-Solar Flux, Injustice:Gods Among Us, Sega Sale, Release The Ninja, ShadowRun DragonFall


Solar Flux HD Is The Universe's Last Hope
Traverse space in beautiful HD and save dying suns in Solar Flux HD. It's a completely out of this world puzzler that will have you racking your brain to solve each and every mission. As the game progresses, so does the challenge, so make sure you have you're thinking cap on because the levels will get considerably harder.flux That's not to say that they won't be enjoyable though. You'll love every minute of Solar Flux HD as you strive to three-star every mission across 4 unique and gorgeously designed galaxies. Pick up the full game for $1.99 which is well worth it, or try it out for free with Solar Flux Pocket.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Injustice: Gods Among Us Storms Android As A TCG-Brawler Mixinjustice-gods-among-us-android-game
If you have ever played Injustice: Gods Among us on a console, you know how epic it is. The fighting system is awesome, the special moves are epicly presented and the combat is to say the least damn amazing. Injustice: Gods Among Us has hit Android this week, but does not play quite like its console big brother.injustice-gods-among-us-android-game-2 Its more of a TCG game with brawling sequences like Marvel's Avengers Initiative where the battles are more on the rails, although you do interact with the combat a little more than a typical TCG title by utilizing the touch screen for combos and special attacks. Collect cards of all the heroes and villains and build up your ultimate deck, Level your characters and take the fight to your enemies. While this is mostly a TCG, the graphics are beautifully rendered in 3D for fights and for free the game is a decent grab.

Sega Says Thanks By Putting Its Games On Sale For The HolidaySonic-Jump-logo
Thanksgiving is just over a week away and to help us celebrate this year SEGA has rounded up some of their best and most popular games and put them on sale for the holiday. While for most Thanksgiving is all about Food and Family, SEGA understands that you may need to get some game time in during those boring talks about… whatever your family talks about. There are 5 games total in the list and all of them are great games. Sonic Jump and Total War Battles have both gone on sale for $0.99, and bringing up the rear of the list is Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Virtua Tennis Challenge at only $1.99 each. 5 great games, 5 great prices. Don't miss out these deals, and act fast because you only have until November 30th to grab them before they go back to regular price.


Release The Ninja Sneaks Onto Google Play1383642364_release-the-ninja
you can never have enough ninja themed anything these days, and that's because everything about ninjas is just so damn cool. The same goes for this quaint and absolutely kick ass little stealthy platformer called Release the Ninja. It's reminiscent of Mark of The Ninja which you can find on steam, and your main goal here is to sneak your way through every level finding ancient scrolls that can help you defeat evil dark spirits. releaseIt was designed with touchscreens in mind, so touch specific controls are easy to learn. Progress through dastardly dangerous dungeons and unlock powerful and ancient ninja weapons like fire knuckles, a chain sword, a laserblade and the most powerful Foot any Ninja could ever wield. Release the Ninja is Free on the play store now for you to let out your inner stealth.

Shadowrun Returns First Expansion Announced; Dragonfall To Hit Play Store In 2014Shadowrun-Returns-Dragonfall-expansion-Android
After months and months of waiting, fans of the popular turn based RPG Shadowrun Returns finally got their chance to play on Android devices. The game was first released on to PC through Steam quite a bit earlier in the year, and not more than a few months after the Android release, we already have the first expansion on the way. Dragonfall, which is set to hit PC in January will arrive for Android devices sometime in 2014, which we can only hope will be sooner than later. This expansion is set in the Free City State of Berlin(The Flux State), where mega corporations and political factions run the city. Much like the first chapter in the Shadowrun series, Dragonfall will set you up as a specialized character class with specific abilities and attributes that help you throughout the game. Unlike Shadowrun Returns though Dragonfall is going to give you the ability to pause and save virtually anywhere, so you'll be able to play the game for long periods or short spans. Look out for Dragonfall in the next few months, as it will be a full expansion of the game with a ton of new content. If you have yet to play Shadowrun Returns and want to get a head start before the new expansion, you can grab it from the link below.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1