Android Game Of The Week: Sonic Dash


The blue blur is back with another game on android. This time Sonic is running until he simply can't run no more in Sonic Dash. Sega has pretty much nailed it with this one, because an endless runner really does seem like a perfect fit for Sonic. Running is what he does and it takes the pressure off of the platform format that were used to seeing and gives us something fresh. 2013-11-26 19.33.48
At first, you'll notice that visuals are extremely well designed. SEGA did a good job with the graphics because the game looks absolutely amazing on the 2013 Nexus 7. Past the gorgeous visuals, you've got your basic endless runner building blocks. Start running, see how long you can run to rack up distance and a higher score, dodge enemies or obstacles, and pick up boosters and power ups to help you run even longer. 2013-11-26 19.33.12
The great things about Sonic Dash is it gives you familiar characters to play. You start off with Sonic of course, but you can unlock others as you play by gaining red star rings through either the rewards system or the prize system. Prizes are given for completing daily challenges. Once you have enough red star rings, you can unlock, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, and Blaze. You'll also have the opportunity to unlock all sorts of power ups to help you get a higher score. The rings power up in particular is a helpful one.
As you play each time you'll find the infamous Gold Rings laid about that you can pick up. The more you rack up the more you can use to upgrade stats for Sonic, helping him2013-11-26 19.34.08 run faster, have a longer Dash move and so on. The faster you upgrade your Dash attribute, the longer it will last and the quicker it will come back up after use, which is extremely helpful since it can make you auto run without fear of running into things and losing. We posted about Sonic Dash earlier in the week when it was released. We felt it was awesome then and we feel that its just as awesome now if not more so. This is definitely the best free runner I have personally played, and you can't beat free. There are some in game ads to deal with, but with everything this game has to offer i'd expect nothing less since SEGA didn't charge for it.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1