Android Game Of The Week: Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Chapter 1: The Blood On The Snow


The Lone Wolf series of gamebooks has finally made its way to android. This digital rebirth of a gamebook turned video game is published by bulkypix, and written and developed by Joe Dever along with Forge Reply and Antlantyca Entertainment. You can pick up Joe Dever's Lone wolf for $4.99 and as a special launch promotion, you can get 20% off the entire series of gamebooks to come for just $9.99. Lone Wolf Act 1-The blood on the snow is a totally engaging experience that will have you expanding the realm of your imagination. With a little help of course. lone
You play as the legendary kai lord known throughout the Lone Wolf series in this new adventure. The unique choose your own adventure style gameplay mixed with a compelling storyline plunges you into the depths of a heroes tale, who must liberate the village of Rockstarn and thwart the evil schemes of the Darklords of Helgedad. Stunning 3D graphical art helps to kickstart the adventure within your imagination. You have a deep level of character customization through choices you make as the story unfolds, and you begin by creating your characters story with certain attributes and skills when you start the game. joe2
Learn all kinds of skills and choose the ones that are to your liking, but combat skills and cunning are not all that is needed if you're going to stop the evil that is upon you. Harness the power of your kai abilities and unleash spells that will help you on your journey. All of the stories adventures are told through the astounding visual artwork which are hand drawn illustrations in a real medieval tome. You actually flip the pages of the book to progress through the game. joe3
If the story alone wasn't enough to rope you in, lockpicking tactics and intense combat during battles just may pique your interest. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf has evolved, and is so much more than a gamebook. you will find the perfect blend of story and game all wrapped up into a neat little package. The entire game is truly a work of art that raises the bar for other games in the series.lone1