Android Game Of The Week: Anomaly 2

November 23, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

Tower Offense has never been this amazing. If you’re a fan of the Anomaly series than this should be on your list. Anomaly 2 takes the core pieces of the award winning original Anomaly warzone earth and builds on them with brand new features that not only enhance the game but serve as a totally new experience to players. e006e9da0b76b267e81f755791fdcefb
Among some of the new additives which make this game so great is eye candy. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous and the entire game is optimized for tablets, so if you’re playing this on a Nexus 7 the game looks stunning. Short of the visual upgrades this game has gotten, an all new feature to morph your units into mechs has elevated the tactical sequences in battle to a whole new level. Each and every one of your units has a unique secondary form that provides a totally different advantage to the battle than before it morphed. You can morph your units into mechs pretty much any time throughout the game, except for during those small little instances in the beginning where the mission debriefing is taking place. Anomaly-2_gameplay
You’ll need all the help you can get to outsmart the aliens and overcome intense combat situations, and that’s where Anomaly 2’s tactical view comes into play. You can overview each mission’s path from a battle-ready view or tactical view which allows you to see the entire battlefield(pan the display to move around and see every aliens position) and plot your carefully and methodically coordinated course of action. Anomaly2_02
While the single player campaign is always a solid block of gameplay, all new to the Anomaly series and the tower offense/defense genre as a whole, is the incredible multiplayer experience that 11 Bit Studios has brought to life. In a unique twist, you can really test your skills and go all out in the multiplayer tower offense vs. tower defense mode. Choose your preferred side and see how well you can hold off the human resistance, or take charge and beat back the alien invasion. 5a49278d43ff3fe7037cc3fcb21e0073
Google play games services also gives Anomaly 2 that extra something special to award players with achievements after certain moments in game progression, and leaderboards help to track your status in multiplayer mode. Perhaps one of the best features still though, is the cloud save within google play games, allowing you to pick up the game at home on a tablet, and should you have to pause and leave, you can start back up from your phone later while you’re out and about. This eliminates for having to carry multiple devices just to play the game. Anomaly_2_Screen_14
Overall, Anomaly 2 is every bit as good as the original, and even surpasses it tenfold. If you’re looking for a hands down excellent game to play this weekend, or maybe next weekend during some of those boring family conversations about god knows what, (hey at least there’s good food right?)check out Anomaly 2 for $4.99. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.