Android Game Of The Week – Ittle Dew


Just because Nintendo isn't making any plans to release official games onto Android, that doesn't have to stop us from getting our fix with games that resemble our favorites from the Nintendo universe. Mobile game developers Ludosity just released their Zelda like RPG game onto Android called Ittle Dew on Thursday, and after some time with it on the OUYA via the free demo last week, it's safe to say that this is a fantastic little game that will flood your memories with happy thoughts of assembling the triforce and saving the princess. dew1
Our games heroine Ittle Dew is accompanied by her trusty sidekick tippsie(a slightly sarcastic yet endearing fox that flies around following you the whole game), while she embarks on her journey across the mysterious island their raft crashes into. The game begins with Dew and Tippsie coming to after being washed up on the sands of this strange island. What could be in store for the hilarious duo? Tons of adventure for sure. Mysterious traps, and dangerous folk possibly lie around every corner and you'll gasp in amazement at how similar Ittle Dew is to The Legend Of Zelda. The game even pokes fun at and makes jokes about itself for being so closely comparable to one of the best games of our generation.dew
This is one top down RPG filled with puzzles and adventure that you won't want to miss and should you choose to pick it up, what follows will be hours of enjoyment as you reminisce on the times spent playing some of the first few Zelda games. Instead of Link, the master sword, and the triforce, you have an almost equally compelling protagonist that arms herself with a twig to ward off foes(at least for the beginning parts of the game), while paying tribute to a timeless classic that won over so many gamers you could easily call the series the most popular game franchise of all time. dew2
You'll explore the island and uncover mysteries, seek out adventure, encounter dangerous enemies and learn spells and tricks to help you progress and the whole time you should be laughing from the clever dialogue that was thoughtfully written out for the storyboard of the game. If all that isn't enough to win you over, maybe the gorgeous hand painted cartoon art style will draw you in. This definitely isn't the next game in the Zelda series, but it doesn't need to be. It stands tall all on it's own and at a price of just $5 you get a whole of adventure for a very little cost. That's less than half the cost you'll pay for it on the OUYA console too and both versions are exactly the same. dew3
Ittle Dew is the Zelda of this generation, and everyone who loves this style of RPG should grab this game immediately.