Android Game News Weekly 11/16/13: Mad Catz MOJO, Dead Trigger 2, Humble Bundle, Anomaly 2, And More


Mad Catz Partners With Nvidia For Gamestream Service On The MOJOMad-Catz-Mojo-live
Still no android console plugged in at home? Well you may want to consider picking up the Mad Catz MOJO for this holiday season. Mad Catz, who makes enormous amounts of gaming peripherals for consoles and PC, is partnering with Nvidia to bring their Gamestream service to the Mad Catz MOJO console. This service made its debut on Nvidia's own Shield gaming device, and is slated for release onto their tegra note 7 as well. And now it looks like it'll hit the MOJO. This could raise the bar for other Android game consoles, as the Gamestream service allows you to connect to your steam account and play your entire steam library through the service. Provided you have the correct hardware and are on the same wifi network of course. Gamestream is certainly a fantastic idea, and Nvidia is updating its list of supported equipment. Later versions of Gamestream should even allow for playing games from your steam library even while on a different connection than the one your computer is connected to. Although i don't see this as a need for the MOJO really since it will most likely be connected to the same network as your PC at all times. If you weren't interested in the Mad Catz MOJO before, does this change your mind? You can check out the official site for more details, and should you settle on buying one, you'll need to set aside $249.99

Dead Trigger 2 Gets First Major Update That Balances The Gameplay And Fixes Bugsnexusae0_SCR_AFR_Reservoir_1920x1080_logo
Dead Trigger 2 is incredibly popular which is no surprise. Some found it a tad bit difficult though. Certainly not as difficult as the soul crushing Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, but harder than one expected none the less. To address this issue Madfinger Games has implemented a major update to fix a ton of bugs and balance out the games difficulty to make zombies a little easier to kill, dead-trigger-2as well as rebalance some of the missions and damage output of some of the weapons. Hopefully we'll be seeing an update that soon addresses the concerns of the games other flaws, like the timed upgrades and the amount of money it takes to complete them.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Humble Bundle Launches The Humble Store So You Can Purchase Games Outside The Bundlehumble_store
Humble Bundle has grown to epic proportions over the last year, and rightfully so as they offer some of the craziest deals on some really great games. Typically you purchase the games in a bundle for a price that you determine. However Humble Bundle has now opened their Humble Store where you can purchase games separate from the Bundle all together. While most of the Humble Bundles that are offered house some fantastic little games, sometimes you already own one of the games in the pack or you just simply don't wish to purchase the entire bundle. The Humble Store will continue to offer games at a steep discount compared to other retailers of the same kind, much like steam or green man gaming. To kick off their start-up celebration, they are offering some crazy one-day deals that you may not want to miss. Check out today's deals at the link, and watch for new deals every day till the celebration sale is over.


Anomaly 2 Has Launched; Combat Alien Forces With Mechs2444583-anomaly2logo
We covered this the other day during its launch, but Anomaly 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to 11 Bit Studios popular Tower offense game is now available. You can expect the usual high-octane action packed tower offense gameplay, but with tons of new features like the ability to morph your units into mechs, new towers to fight, new unit weaponry and gorgeously crafted graphics. Full google play games support with achievements and cloud saves and leaderboards are a nice touch, but the multiplayer tower offense vs tower defense mode is the crown jewel. anomaly-2-1Anomaly 2 will cost $4.99 and is worth every penny. Note: Some reports of the game crashing upon opening have surfaced. It appears that some devices if rooted will not play the game, and 11 Bit has apparently pulled support on the S3. A fix should be on the way to address the issue as the S3 certainly has enough power to run this game. Overall, Anomaly 2 is a must have in your game library.

GT Racing 2 Arrives In The Play Store For All The Racing Fans1679_big
Gameloft has just released the sequel to popular racing simulator GT Racing. GT Racing 2 is available for free in the play store and offers up some pretty enticing graphics along with a full suite of cars to race with. You'll start out with a lower end, less powerful vehicle, and work your way up to a more powerful one, likely a super car.nexusae0_unnamed-24 Expect the usual IAP if you don't wish to grind out races to gain enough cash for the purchase of new cars. If you love racing games but simulators like this one are more your style, check out GT Racing 2 for a more life-like racing experience on Android.