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Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Coming To Android Next Year
A select lucky group of people have had their hands on Blizzards TCG style game Hearthstone for quite a little while now, unfortunately its still in beta and its open to those who have invites only. Recently Blizzard announced that Hearthstone would be coming to ios and some were more than discontent that there was no word that an Android version of the game was brought up. The good news is that Blizzard has officially announced that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be making its way over to Android, the bad news is that won't be until sometime next year. No offense to Blizzard, but at the current rate of time for which it takes to develop and distribute their games to fans, we might see this game on Android by next christmas. Let's just hope that isn't the case although the statement did list release as the "second half" of 2014. I have yet to get my hands on a copy of the PC based version of this game, but who is excited that we officially get a copy of Hearthstone?

BlizzCon 2013 Companion App On The Play Store
Blizzard game fans and attendees of this years BlizzCon, a companion app for BlizzCon 2013 has surfaced in the Play Store to help you take full advantage of the convention and all it has to offer. Whether you're going to be at this years Con or not, the app will let you watch ongoing livestreams and check out the days events. If you are going to be attending, you can use the app to plan out each day and mark your areas of interest so you can ensure to visit all the things you want to see. The companion app will also keep you updated with news feeds of all the need to know information from the event as well as social networking features that let you update your social feeds to share BlizzCon with everyone who you feel needs to know. If you need something to help organize your time at BlizzCon 2013 or just want to stay in the know of what goes on there this year, grab the companion app from the play store today. 

Neon Shadow Makes Its Way To OUYA
Neon Shadow was a game we talked about in the last couple weeks from acclaimed mobile game developer Crescent Moon Games. Its a retro style FPS game with modern graphics and some rather cool gameplay. Check out what we had to say about it here. While its only been on Android for a short time, you can now enjoy all the FPS action of Neon Shadow on your OUYA(if you own one) and experience Neon Shadow just like a console shooter. Neon Shadow has a suite of different game modes including solo campaign, 2 player co-op campaign, local multiplayer, and online deathmatch. If you have yet to check out Neon Shadow, and you have an OUYA console, now is the time to give it a try.

Order And Chaos Duels Gets An Update; Brings New Features
The TCG game from Gameloft based off their popular Order and Chaos franchise, Order and Chaos Duels received an update this week, bringing what most players are saying was a much needed feature called the Card Library. If you play Duels, this should allow you to have a much easier time looking through and finding the cards you want to play and use in matches. It's a wonder Gameloft didn't think to add this feature when the game was first released, but perhaps they just didn't see the need. In any case, its here now and the update is live for those of you who play. Along with the card library, Gameloft has also patched in some bug fixes and more ways for you to earn gold and runes via pillage player rewards. Successfully beat your opponents and do so with winning streaks, and you win more gold and runes. Sounds like an over all great update for Duels fans.

CoD Ghosts Gets A Companion App; On Time For The Release Of The Game This Year
The 5th has come and gone. For some that means their yearly viewing of V for Vendetta is over, for others it means they have survived the first few days of annual multiplayer chaos from the new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty Ghosts. In year's past, Activision had released the Call of Duty Elite app to pair along with the previous games in the CoD franchise, and not only does this new Ghosts companion app called simply "Call of Duty" seem to replace that one, it was also released right on time and the same day as the game, unlike the "Elite" app which was supposed to launch a couple years ago alongside Modern Warfare 3. This new companion app is pretty much the same as the old, you can modify your weapons loadout and look up your stats as well as your clans and friends stats, and communicate with them in a limited social network. If you're the leader of your clan you can also modify the clans emblem from the app. Pretty cool if you're a CoD fan. Any Ghosts players out there glad to have this available?

Asphalt 8:Airborne Gets Update To Free; Adds New Cars And Tracks
Asphalt 8 fans have some more racing to do. The new update to the latest in Gamelofts popular racing franchise has landed, and along with the change in price from $0.99 to free, there are some new cars and tracks that have been added. While some might be a little upset about the price fluctuation, they can be happy about the newly added content. One new car, new timed cups with rewards like credits and upgrades, new boosters and new customizable controls are all part of this new update to the game. If you haven't revved that engine in a while, it's high time you fire up Asphalt 8 and hit the track.

Thor: Champions Of Asgard Comes Down From The Heavens
The follow up sequel to Animocas Thor: Lord of Storms is now available for free on the play store. Thor, Freyja, and Brynhyldr return in this stylized tower defense interpretation of the mythical norse gods. Take charge as the god of thunder, and team up with the goddess of sorcery and beauty and a steadfast valkyrie on a mission to avenge Asgards destruction. The controls are simple but gameplay is surely a challenge and will have you head scratching at some point or another. You can upgrade your hero to increase your stats, and even summon Odin to help you bring down the hammer in battle. You have your choice of any of the three heroes from norse mythology listed above, and you'll experience new realms and new powers not in the last game. Thor:Champions of Asgard is free to download and play but does come with some IAP that are optional if you choose to speed up gameplay. Hit the link below to grab the game. 

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