Android 4.4 Shipping with Google-Owned QuickOffice Preinstalled

November 1, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Many of us love Nexus devices because they come without bloatware. Well Google has slowly but surely been adding more and more apps to the Nexus family. With Android 4.4, Google is adding their QuickOffice app onto the Nexus 5. Google bought QuickOffice a while ago and have finally updated it recently. This appears to be Google’s answer to Microsoft Office. QuickOffice allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from your tablet or phone. This app is completely free too.

With all the new yesterday (and there was a ton, we published more posts yesterday than any other day in the history of Android Headlines), this little bit of news was missed. It’s a really big deal for QuickOffice to be part of KitKat. Starting with the Nexus 5, QuickOffice will be installed on every Nexus device. Hopefully we get a Nexus 10 soon.

The thing that will be interesting here is if it’s part of the Google Apps package that we install with custom ROMs and that the manufacturers use. If QuickOffice comes preinstalled on every Android device, that would be even huger for Google and QuickOffice. Of course, you can also just go and download it from the Play Store, as it’s been there for a few years now.

We already know that Android has a huge userbase and it’s growing everyday. They hit 1 billion activations a few months ago, which is a pretty big deal. Now having QuickOffice on all those devices instead of Microsoft Office is a huge blow to Microsoft. Who is already suffering from Android in the mobile game. Hopefully we see some nice updates to QuickOffice. It hasn’t gotten to many lately, but it does look like a really nice app, and very functional. You can also edit Google Docs on there as well.