AH Primetime: 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips and Tricks


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a giant phone. It's not quite a tablet, but some people consider it too big. A lot of people also consider it one of the best phones on the market. The Note 3 has some really great features. The device is cutting-edge, top of the line, and we've compiled 10 tips for getting the most out of your Samsung smartphone.

1) Enable Multi Window

Samsung really optimized Multi Window for the Note 3's 5.7-inch screen. You can run multiple apps at the same time, each in its own floating window. To turn the feature on, go to Settings -> Device, then check the box next to Multi Window. A tab will appear on the left side of your screen once the feature is turned on. Tapping the tab shows you the apps that are compatible with Multi Window.



2) Launch Two Apps at the Same Time

Multi Window also supports launching two apps at the same time. This can save you time by pairing up apps that you want to launch in tandem. You can do this by opening two apps in Multi Window and then scrolling down to the bottom of the multi-window pane. There's an arrow at the bottom. Touch the arrow and a new icon will pop up showing a small screen, divided in half. Touch the icon and it will pair the two open apps together. Now when you open the Multi Window panel, these paired apps will appear at the top.

3) Turn on One-handed Mode

The big screen on the Galaxy Note 3 means that images and video look bigger and better than ever. It also means that using the device with one hand can be a little tricky. Samsung took this in to account and built in a One-handed setting. Head into your Setting -> Controls and then go in to the One-handed operation menu. This menu lets you enable the feature and change settings to make One-handed easier for you to use.


4) Go Completely Hands Free

One-handed mode is great, but how about no-hands mode? In some places, using your phone in the car is illegal; it's never a good idea anyways. You can use the Note 3's hands-free options to help. These include having the phone read your text messages and incoming call information out loud to you. You'll also be able to answer the phone just by waving your hand over the screen. You can turn these features on in your Setting -> Controls -> Hands-free.


5) Change Your Font and Text Size

You have a giant screen; why not tweak the font and size of the text you are viewing? Whether you want the text bigger so you can see it better or smaller so you have more screen real estate, you can find both of these options under Settings -> Device -> Font. You can adjust the text size,  choose a new font, and even download new fonts from the internet.

Note 3 multiview pic

6) Use Your Phone as a Remote Control

The Note 3 has a nifty IR blaster on it, and you can use this to control your television and other devices. For your TV, you'll want to use Samsung's WatchOn app. The first time you use it the app prompts you to enter your TV make and model, as well as your region. Setup is very easy, and now you won't have to go searching for that lost remote control.

7) Keep Tabs on Your S Pen

The S Pen is one of the major things that set the Galaxy Note line apart from other large screen smartphones. It's easy to lose, though. You don't want to lose your S Pen, and Samsung can help prevent that from happening. Go in to Settings -> Controls -> S Pen and check the box that says "S Pen Keeper." Now your Note 3 will alert you with a loud noise if the device and S Pen become separated.



8) Turn off the S Pen Pop-up Window

You don't want to lose your S Pen, but you also don't want to have to deal with closing the window that pops up every time you take the S Pen out of the dock. You can easily turn this feature off. Just head in to your Settings -> Controls -> S Pen and tap Pen detachment options. Change the selection to None and you won't have to deal with that annoying pop-up anymore.

9) Use Your Note 3 While Wearing Gloves

The Galaxy Note 3, like almost every current smartphone available, uses a capacitive touchscreen. Capacitive screens are way more responsive than resistive screens but they don't work well unless they can make contact with your skin. That generally means they don't work with gloves or other coverings on your hands. Samsung is attempting to fix this by giving users the option to turn the touch screen sensitivity way up. Head in to your Settings -> Controls, scroll down to the bottom, and check the box to "Increase touch sensitivity." That should get your Note 3 working just fine if you need to use it while wearing gloves.


10) Mute Your Phone's Ringer Using Your Hand

Samsung gives you an easy way to mute your phone's ringer on the Note 3, too. No more hunting for the volume rocker or sending the call to voicemail when the phone rings and you need to silence it. Jump in to your Settings -> Controls -> Palm motion and turn this feature on. The next time your phone rings and you want to silence it, simply hold the palm of your hand over the top of the device.


What are some of your favorites Galaxy Note 3 features and device tricks?