Yet Another Nexus 5 Press Render Leaks Out Again, Looks More or Less The Same

nexus 5 render

If there’s something on everyone’s mind this weekend, it’s probably the Nexus 5. Or maybe that’s just on Android fans’ minds this weekend. Just last week we saw a couple press renders leak out along with the Nexus 5 popping up on the Google Play Store, all but confirming the 16GB version will be on sale for $349. Then yesterday, an invite went out for an event on Thursday, Oct. 24th. Which later turned out to be nothing really. In fact, everyone’s original source for the invitation was asked by Google to remove the post about the invite. Pretty interesting actually.

In the meantime, @Moroleaks on Twitter has posted another press render which looks pretty much the same as the others we’ve seen in the past wee. As you can see it’s sporting the KitKat look which looks pretty nice. With the transparent statusbar and navbar at the bottom. Along with a few new icons. Right now the specs for the Nexus 5 appear to be a 4.96-inch 1080p display, along with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 2300mAh battery with at least a 16GB option. I’d expect to see a 32GB version as well. I’d also expect to see LTE available on this one, especially after all the heat Google got last year for the Nexus 4 not officially having LTE. Although, we all know how that worked out for them.

So this press render looks pretty much the same, and it actually looks pretty nice. While I probably won’t buy it (because I’d rather have a phone that I don’t need to keep plugged in 24/7) it still looks like a pretty worthy upgrade over the Nexus 4 from last year. I’m just hoping that it does have a great camera. As we know in the past, Nexus devices haven’t really had great cameras at all. In fact, the Galaxy Nexus probably had one of the worst of the entire line. We still don’t have an official announcement date, so it’ll be interesting to see when it’s actually announced.