How To: Watch the Android Headlines Show


Just last week, we revived our podcast known as the Android Headlines show. We've also made the show available to watch or listen too almost anywhere! So we thought we should take some time and explain all the ways to watch the show. Which is what this post is doing. You can watch live on YouTube, Google+ or here on the site. You can also watch later on YouTube, here on the site, or listen to the audio version which is generally available the next day. The reason why the audio version isn't available until the next day is because we use Google Hangouts on Air to host our podcasts, and while it automatically streams and posts the video on our YouTube page, it doesn't give us an option for an audio feed….yet.

Watch live on YouTube and Google+


  1. Make sure you have subscribed to Android Headlines on YouTube and circled on Google+
  2. Around 8:30pm EST you'll see the live stream pop up on our YouTube channel as well as Google+
  3. And hit play
  4. Just that simple

Sometimes we'll be taking questions, which means you'll need to be watching live, and you can submit questions to be answered on the show.

Watch or listen too later

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The show will always be available on YouTube. In fact, we have a playlist located on the main channel page with all of our podcasts, even the special editions. You can also listen to the audio by subscribing to the feed. This works in podcasts apps like Dogcatcher and Pocket Casts as well. Please note that the audio version may not be available until the next day, unfortunately.


That's just how easy it is to listen to the Android Headlines Show. Of course, you can catch us live every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST. Unless otherwise noted.