Video: Qualcomm Builds the Ultrimate Slow-Motion Rig with 130 HTC One's


Qualcomm has always had some rather weird ad techniques, although sometimes they are pretty awesome. Back when the Snapdragon S4 was their popular chip, they showed how efficient thermal envelope was by melting butter. Which was pretty strange but still pretty cool.

Qualcomm decided to do something new this time. They used 130 HTC One’s to flaunt the slo-mo camera feature, which is part of the new line of Snapdragon processors, obviously it’s on the Snapdragon 600 since that’s what the HTC One is running on. This stunt was called “The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth”. This rig was utilized to create Matrix-style slow motion effects of everyday actions, like playing catch with your dog. We’ve got the video of the stunt down below for your amusement.

Of course, I’m sure HTC had nothing to do with Qualcomm using their phones for this stunt instead of say the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, or any of the many other phones that sport Snapdragon processors. Maybe this was Qualcomm trying to help HTC sell a few more HTC One’s? We all know they could use the help. Right now Qualcomm is the leader in mobile processors. Not that there aren’t any competitors out there, there are plenty. Including NVIDIA, MediaTek, Samsung/Exynos and a few other smaller companies. So Qualcomm really didn’t need to show off their processors features to the public, but more to the OEMs so they’ll buy their processor for their phones, right?

The video is pretty cool, and I wish I could have been there to check out the rig, hopefully next time they do something like this they come a bit closer to Detroit. The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth was really cool, what would be cooler is taking it on a road trip across the US.