Verizon Kicks Off New Shipping Options: Same Day Delivery on Site Orders


Many many technophiles enjoy being the first to own a new device. Perhaps you lost your device and need an immediate replacement, or you just saw a very boss device and decided you want it. Well, while this doesn't allow for a faster push of any given device, this does allow the consumer to receive their order on a near instantaneous basis. Verizon (along with other, non-wireless companies) has recently pulled one more trick out of their hat, allowing their customers to receive same-day shipping when an order is placed on their website. This makes Verizon the first wireless company to test this shipping option.



Don't think you're not going to pay for this service, however. There is not only a very small window in which to place an order (orders must be placed before 10:00am Monday through Friday), but the cost is rather substantial. If you meet the time window criteria, your order is guaranteed to reach your door by 7:00pm the same day. However, you will be paying $19.99 for this immediate service. In comparison, however, if you're looking at wanting the device (or accessories) as soon as possible, this $19.99 charge is only approximately $5.00 more than the priority overnight delivery.

Don't get too excited yet, though. Right now, this program is only reaching out to select cities, currently Philadelphia only, and "Accessory Only Orders will not be eligible for this delivery option." So as long as you're in Philadelphia and are ordering a device (with or without accessories), the device is not a "pre-paid device", willing to pay the extra 5 dollars for shipping, and place your order before 10:00am, you're golden. If you still wish to receive the device the same day but don't want to pay the shipping charge, Verizon does still offer the In-Store Pick-Up option. If you select this option, once you get to the store in your area, an associate will assist you with your order/purchase completion as well as activation and set-up.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, those they have termed as "affluent millenials" (ages 18 to 34 with 6-digit annual incomes) are the most likely to cough up the extra shipping fee for the same-day delivery option, tagging them with a 56-percent likelihood. While this will be the primary demographic for this option, Verizon is looking at expanding the geographic availability to other cities in the near future. When the option is available in your area, you will notice it in the 'shipping options' automatically as you place an order.


Melanie Vandervalk, Verizon Wireless Vice-President states:

"We want customers to have multiple options to help them get the most from their wireless experience."

What is your preference? Would you be likely to use this type of delivery option, in-store pick-up, or standard shipping/overnight? How effective do you see this option being for Verizon as a company?

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