Verizon Brings Back the Tramp Stamp: Galaxy S4 Mini Press Shots Leak with Verizon Home Button Branding


Last year when the Galaxy Note 2 landed on Verizon, we all cringed when we saw the Verizon branding on the home button. It seems lately that they do everything they can to toss as many logos onto their phones as possible. Look at their LG G2. It’s got three Verizon logos. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has leaked for Verizon. Even though @Evleaks said “Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, carrier unknown” I’m pretty sure he was joking.

As you can see, the Galaxy S4 Mini looks just like the others we’ve seen in the past day or two. But there are more logos on this Galaxy S4 Mini than the other two combined. Luckily Verizon didn’t brand the Galaxy Note 3’s home button and just left a logo on the back of the device. I know many of our readers may not really care about all the logos, but c’mon guys, I don’t want to see Verion’s logo everytime I press home on my phone. It’s surprising that this is the first Samsung phone to get a branded home button since the Galaxy Note 2. As Android Police says, it could be a sort of “mark of shame” for mid-range and low end devices. Which I could understand, but we still don’t really need it there.

So that leaves just T-Mobile left for the Galaxy S4 Mini. I’m not entirely sure they’ll carry it since they already have quite a few mid-range Samsung devices available for prepaid and postpaid customers. I think they are looking more at high-end devices now, like the Xperia Z1 which just leaked for T-Mobile.

Here we are with another Samsung device heading to the US. I guess that $9 billion they made in Q3 wasn’t enough for them eh? You’d think they’d be okay with the Galaxy Note 3 since that is going to sell like crazy, especially on all the carriers. But it is nice to see the Galaxy S4 Mini heading to more than just AT&T or Sprint. Unlike the Galaxy S4 Active. I would have loved to see that on more carriers.