Featured: How To Use Find My Gear on the Galaxy Note 3


When Samsung announced the  Galaxy Note 3 in September, they also announced the Galaxy Gear. Which is their first smart watch. There are some great features with the Galaxy Gear, but I'm not sure it's enough to warrant the $300 price tag, but that's all in my review. What we are talking about today is using the 'Find My Gear' feature inside the Gear manager, which is the app that allows you to control the Gear. By doing things like installing apps, changing the clock face and much more. You can also use the Gear to find your Note 3, but we'll be covering that in a separate post. So here's how to find your Gear.

  1. Fire up the Gear Manager app
    2013-10-13 18.50.09
  2. Tap on Find My Gear
    2013-10-13 18.50.27
  3. Then tap on Start
    2013-10-13 18.50.43

Once you tap on start inside the Gear Manager app, it will start ringing your Galaxy Gear, which you'll have to swipe the notification away to turn it off. It does get louder the longer it's ringing, which is a nice touch. As you'd expect, it doesn't seem to work when the Gear has no battery. So you'll want to keep it charged up. Since I've been getting about 3 days on a charge, that shouldn't be too hard. We also have a video down below showing off the Find my Gear app if you needed more help.


It's really just that easy. Although I wish that Samsung had included a way to remotely wipe the Galaxy Gear in case you really have lost it. It'd be nice to be able to get all your data off of it remotely. Even though there's only about 4GB of internal storage so there won't be a whole lot available, it would still be a nice touch.