Toshiba's Transfer Jet Adapter Uses Your Smartphone's micro-USB Port for High-Speed Data Transfer


Little has been heard about Toshiba's Transfer Jet adapter since CES 2013, but they are finally ready to put this device on sale this December at a price of approximately $100 for the set – one adapter attaches to your Android only phone via the microUSB port and the other adapter plugs into your laptop or tablet, for instance. Toshiba is still in negotiations with Apple to bring the dongle to the iPhone.

While the $100 cost is fairly steep at this point, users that have a need to transfer large amounts of data may feel the time saved doing the transfer is worth that kind of money. Sending files via NFC is a great for small files, but practically worthless for megabyte size files. Samsung's S-Beam steps up the game by using Wi-Fi to transfer funds, but it still is not fast enough for really large files and this is where Toshiba believes Transfer Jet can help out.


S-Beam transfer files over Wi-Fi at the rate that averages 20 Mbps, but Transfer Jet can transfer your data at 375 Mbps…the only caveat is that the two devices must be in close proximity to one another, like when using NFC. Currently, Toshiba is displaying the TransferJet in USB and microUSB adapters for consumers to use, and are also offering to manufacturers, a microSD card, with the functionality embedded directly on the card. Toshiba is hoping that smartphone and other manufacturers, as well as accessory makers will run with this technology and build Transfer Jet right into their devices, with no adapter needed.

Toshiba HS Connect 3

While it will be nice to transfer a 50 MB file in just a few seconds and a full-length movie in less than a minute, a lot will depend on its acceptance by manufacturers to put the technology into their devices. Toshiba's website gives several examples where you can use the Transfer Jet technology:

  • Smartphone to Smartphone
  • DSC to a Digital Photo Frame
  • Smartphone to DTV
  • Smartphone to Tablet

Let us know if you are interested in this technology, or is $100 too much to ask.

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