The Top 5 Sports Trivia Apps for Android

October 4, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If you’re like us and think you’re a bit of a sporting know-it-all, then you’ll love nothing more than pitting your wits against a good old sporting quiz.

Whether it’s Soccer, Rugby, Baseball or Tennis, there are a range of great games on the market to test yourself out with.

Here’s our list of the top 5 sports quiz apps available on your Android device.

All-Star Sports Trivia

Price: £2.56

If you want to test your all-round sporting knowledge the All-Star Sports quiz is just for you. With up-to-date trivia that picks your brain on everything from the NHL to the Premier League, the quiz’s unique tiled navigational display allows you to run through sports easily as well as conveniently sharing your scores across Social Media.

Football Kids Quiz


Price: FREE

This top-10 iOS classic has now made its way onto the Android market, allowing everyone to have a guess at which football team plays in which kit. With 420 clubs from countries all across the world involved make sure you know your New York Red Bulls from your Red Bull Salzberg!

The Rugby Logo Quiz


Price: FREE

This free to play quiz is the perfect way to test your rugby knowledge. One of the only games of its kind on the market, the freebets app features worldwide teams from both codes of rugby; dipping into everywhere from South Africa to the UK. And with lots of additions planned in the future, it’s a must have for Union and League fans alike.

Kinesiology Sports Med Quiz


Price: £0.78

This is one for the Physios. The Kinesiology Sports Med Quiz makes it into the top five because of its sheer uniqueness. Exploring the world of sports injuries and anatomy, this quiz will not only spark your competitive streak but also have you picking up tips along the way. And who knows, maybe it will prevent you from picking up an injury out on the pitch.

Messi vs Ronaldo Quiz


Price: FREE

It’s one of the big questions in world football- Messi or Ronaldo?

With over 100 interesting questions to answer, the quiz features 10 levels on two of the most exciting and talented players the world has ever seen. In a series of statistic based questions, the age old question will not only earn you points but help you decide, just who is better?