The Android Headlines Show is Live Tonight at 8:30pm EDT 10/1/13


We're back again tonight! The Android Headlines Show is live (almost) every week on Tuesday at 830pm EDT. We will cover the latest Android news, hardware, apps and rumors. The cast of the Android Headlines Show will probably rotate every week, with myself and Nick hosting the party. We'll always have a fresh take on what's going on in the world of Android, Google, and tech in general. Whether it's a slow news week or there's more news than we can cover, we want to discuss what's new and what's important to you. Here's what is on the agenda for this week.


Note 3 white and galaxy gear wtach wide shot



Xperia Z1 12



samsung wallet-2

Apps and Gaming

That's what we're planning on discussing this evening. We could get de-railed, but whatever happens, it's sure to be fun.


We want to make sure that we are talking about things that matter to you. If there's something you would like to see us talk about, or if there's something major that we missed this week (we're only human), drop us a line in the comments. We have fun with the Android Headlines Show, but we're here for you. Let us know what you want to hear!