T-Mobile HTC One Users Get Ready! Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update Is Coming!


Jellybean 4.3 Roll-outs have been going on for the HTC One over the past few weeks. Sprint and AT&T HTC One owners (as well as unlocked versions) have received their updates just recently (earlier this month). AT&T  began their roll-outs on October 8th where Sprint  began theirs as early as October 2nd. It also seems as though Verizon 4.3 updates are still on track for later in the month. Now T-Mobile users have reason to rejoice.



It appears that HTC One users on T-Mobile's network can begin spamming their Update Software button beginning next week. This is according to a tweet by Jason Mackenzie, HTC America President, who states:

Just a heads up that we are still on track (barring some last second issue) to update your T-Mobile One with 4.3 by mid next week.

This update doesn't change much aesthetically, with the exception of the notification quick-access for various settings, but there are a few interesting functionality changes. Swiping down the notification bar, then selecting the settings icon will, by default, open a window offering quick-options for things such as:


●WiFi on/off – with network selection
●Brightness settings
●Bluetooth on/off
●Airplane mode on/off (useful for travelers)
●Mobile data on/off
●Sound profile
●Auto-rotate on/off
●Screenshot (seemingly needless, in my opinion)
●Your contact card / Twitter Account
●Advanced Settings


It also makes some noticeable changes to your Blinkfeed (for Instagram users), Zoe (ability to change file format), Gallery (various minor changes and setting options), more interactivity for lock screen (widgets accessibility), and notification settings. There is also a change for Home Key functions. You can either select Google Now or the menu, depending on your gesture. For those of you coming from 4.2 to 4.3, some of these changes will be unnoticeable as you already have access to many of them. However, those of you coming from 4.1 to 4.3, the changes will be much more evident. It will almost be as though you have a new phone. When you're ready to download the update, make some time and I'd recommend downloading over WiFi only. Be aware that the size is somewhere in the realm of half a gig.


Rifling through the various forums (XDA, HTC, etc.), you can feel the buzz as people gear up for the update for the HTC Flagship device. As an HTC One owner, myself (Sprint carrier), I can understand the user anxiety. This update has been a long time coming. And now with 4.4 speculated to be right around the corner, we get to anxiously wait all over again. Isn't technology fun?!

Just for the sake of discussion, if you're a T-Mobile (or Verizon) user, what are you looking forward to most in 4.3? If you're a current 4.3 user, what do you like most about it? Let us know in the comments.

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