South Korea Has Unveiled Fingerprint Payments


If you were thinking that Apple's Touch ID on the iPhone 5S was a step too-far, and yet another way for the NSA and Co. to get your data, well, get a load of this. In South Korea, users can now pay for things, using their fingerprint. of course, the concept has only just launched and it's dependant on Pantech's latest smartphone but, if there's one thing South Korea is known for, it's setting trends in the mobile industry. After all, they're laughing at a lot of the world with LTE-A networks. The Korea Herald is reporting that the arrival of Pantech's latest smartphone, the LTE-Advanced VEGA. Said device features a fingerprint reader and this has kickstarted this whole fingerprint payments system.

For users to start paying with their 'prints, they'll have to download the BarTong app to their smartphones and then, they can use their fingerprints to pay for stuff on the go. Of course, this is less of actually paying for something with your fingerprint and more of an authentication method. Still, it's an interesting concept and one that we're sure will divide opinions once again. Danal, the company behind the BarTong app and service has said that they're looking to bring the service to the US at some point. We wonder if the One Max might have something to do with it? If it ever launches, that is.


The idea of using our fingerprints with our smartphones seems a step too far for many of us but, the convenience of simply placing a finger on a specific point instead of pushing in a pin or password will probably persuade a large percentage of people to move to the technology. However, before that happens we're pretty sure something needs to be said about security. I can't imagine that users will won't their fingerprints instantly beamed up into the Cloud for whoever to start sniffing around. Let us know what you guys think and don't forget, you can join the conversation on Google+, too.

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