Somewhere, A Nexus 5 Has Been Unboxed


As if the constant leaks and teasing isn't enough, they just keep on coming. The Nexus 5 has been teased and leaked so many times by now, you may as well swing by your local Best Buy, just to check that Google hasn't secretly released the device into the wild. Google's Nexus devices are a pretty big deal for Google, after all they're a chance for the search giant to show off to the world just how good Android can be, when it's left alone. Last year's Nexus 4 broke the rules when it went on sale unlocked for far less than comparable smartphones and this year, we're hoping for more of the same. The Nexus 4 didn't have LTE however, this year the Nexus 5 should right that wrong and, it's even coming to Sprint.

Somewhere out in the world though, there is a Nexus 5 in retail packaging and this Nexus 5 has been unboxed. PhoneArena have been passed a tip that leads to a sinister screenshot hosted on Photobucket. With no further commentary or even a shot of Android 4.4, KitKat running on the device, it's not the best photo in the world. However, the look of the packaging seems to line up with what we've seen before of the Nexus 5 in earlier leaks, like this one:


However, this doesn't completely look genuine to us as the device isn't shown to be working and whoever took the photo decided not to stay still for 5 seconds but, the box does look considerably different to retail packaging from the Nexus 4:


We've no idea where PhoneArena's tipster is located but, this could be a sign that certain stores are selling the device early but, as previous leaks seem to suggest, this seems more like a rogue factory worker on LG's side. No matter what though, the teasing continues and we're all waiting to get our hands on our own Nexus 5 this year. This Editor is going Nexus this year but, what about you guys? Let us know on Google+!

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