Samsung Inks $100 Million Deal to Bring Galaxy Tabs Courtside in NBA Deal



We all know that Samsung has a pretty incredible brand presence in the US already, thanks to their aggressive marketing campaigns and the huge amounts of money invested in marketing. However, it seems that Samsung is only going to become even more of a household name, especially if this latest deal is anything to go by. According to the Wall Street JournalSamsung has inked a new deal with the NBA that’s worth somewhere in the region of $100 Million. This would make Samsung the de facto electronics supplier for the league, including Samsung monitors, Galaxy Tabs for the teams and more. Shortly, we’ll be seeing referees and commentators playing back footage on Samsung monitors or Galaxy Tabs on the court.

While having Samsung devices in constant use on the court is obviously going to be valuable to the South Korean giant, the NBA will be customizing video content specifically for Samsung devices. Which would include TVs and of course, Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Note 3. Allowing Samsung to offer a little more of the NBA than their competitors. We’re pretty certain that Samsung is considering this money well spent, and for good reason.

While this latest deal is on a much larger scale, Samsung has dealt with the NBA before. They partnered with the Phoenix Suns, giving coaches and players Galaxy Tabs to review footage and develop plays on the court and who could forget the infamous ad featuring LeBron James to promote the Galaxy Note II that gained tens of millions of views on YouTube alone.

Basketball fans should get ready to see a whole lot more Samsung when watching the game and, in the coming months those with Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy smartphones might find themselves being able to get some exclusive content delivered to their devices. Fans of the NBA will know that the league is in the middle of a leadership change, with David Stern stepping down in February to be replaced with Adam Silver who’s currently the deputy commissioner. So, NBA fans, are you ready for more Samsung?