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Samsung has a current device in just about every shape, with the release of the Galaxy Round, and size from Galaxy Mega 6.3, with a  6.3-inch display, to their Galaxy S4 Mini at 4.3-inch. In Samsung's neverending mission to satisfy yet another niche, they are working on a new Galaxy S4 Active Mini – with added dust and water resistance. I am not sure how Samsung makes money on these niche devices, but apparently they can build and sell enough to make them profitable.

Much to the surprise of everybody, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was quite the hit, so they decided to bless us with a Mini version, although with a screen size of 4.65-inches, it hardly seems a "Mini," when a couple years ago that would almost be considered a Phablet!  But Samsung has always jumped at an opportunity to capitalize on a good thing – even the Galaxy S4 Mini was not very successful so far, in fact it is only now coming to the US in November to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon; but because of the positive response to the "Active factor," Samsung decided to combine the two!  When or if they ever reach the US is anybody's guess at this point.


The specifications are a far cry from the Galaxy S4 Active – this Mini version's 4.65-inch display is only carrying an 800 x 480 pixel resolution, giving you only 200ppi.  It is powered by a meager (unnamed) Dual-Core processor, pushing out 1.2GHz.  It uses an Adreno 305 GPU; so it may be a Snapdragon 400 chip.  It has a only 1GB of RAM, and is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean…one of the few highlights on the device.  The camera is a 5MP shooter with only a .3MP front facing camera (FFC).  The GFX Benchmark entries are listed below:

Samsung GT-i8580 Device Information Provided by GFXBench

  • android.os.Build.FINGERPRINT – samsung/cane3gxx/cane3g:4.2.2/JDQ39/I8580XXUAMJ2:user/release-keys
  • android.os.Build.PRODUCT – cane3gxx
  • android.os.Build.MODEL – GT-I8580
  • android.os.Build.BOARD – MSM8960
  • android.os.Build.BRAND – Samsung
  • android.os.Build.HOST – R0210-06
  • android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK – 17
  • android.os.Build.VERSION.RELEASE – 4.2.2
  • android.os.Build.DISPLAY – JDQ39.I8580XXUAMJ2
  • android.os.Build.DEVICE – cane3g
  • android.os.Build.VERSION.INCREMENTAL – I8580XXUAMJ2
  • android.os.Build.USER – se.infra
  • android.os.Build.TYPE – user
  • android.os.Build.TIME – 1381136558000
  • android.os.Build.TAGS – release-keys
  • android.os.Build.ABI2 – armeabi
  • OS – Android
  • android.os.Build.ABI – armeabi-v7a
  • Screen size – 800 x 480
  • Min CPU Freq – 384 MHz
  • Max CPU Freq – 1188 MHz

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you think about the "Active" factor on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and whether this inferior Mini version has any place in your heart.

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