Samsung Creates Social Network for S-Pen Doodlers


If you enjoy using your S-Pen on your Note 2 or Note 3 as much as I do, and like to doodle or draw, then Samsung has a new App for you called PEN.UP – it comes pre-installed on the new Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2 users can go to the Play Store, download the app, and begin using it right away.  No specific list is given which Samsung devices that use the S-Pen are compatible with PEN.UP.  The application is unique in that it develops social networking through your doodles or art work, allowing you to post your S-Pen creations for other PEN.UP users to view, leave comments and even vote on your creations and possibly get them into the "Hall of Fame."

Hall of Fame 1


Social networking is at an all-time high with applications like Facebook and Twitter used more for fun and interacting with friends and family members and more business-like applications like LinkedIn, for keeping your resume updated, networking, and making new business contacts. Samsung has taken the former and combined it with your artwork to share amongst each other.  Art can be a very powerful force where the drawer pours themselves onto a piece of paper/canvas for the world to find pleasure or criticize, and there is a strong bond between artists – PEN.UP and the S-Pen is a way to bridge the art community together into a new kind of social networking.  If you have a compatible device, I highly recommend you download PEN.UP and give it a doodle.

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Play Store describes PEN.UP as a creative SNS based on S Pen generated images. Share your imagination with global creative minds.


Main Features

  • My Feed: A customized collection of creative images for you. Follow your peers and curate your favorite images.
  • Series: Think of Series as your magic pocket. In addition to creating your own works, collect inspiring images from others into a series
  • Popular : Artists and artworks on spotlight.
  • Hall of Fame: An exclusive space reserved for the best of the best. Star artists are featured here. Compete for your spot in Hall of Fame, where you will remembered by users around the world.

Many Galaxy Note users never, or rarely, unsheathe their S-Pen from its silo and this is truly unfortunate because they are missing one of the shear joys of owning a Galaxy Note device – the ability to interact with your device on a whole new level.  I cannot draw, but it's great fun to send a doodle, map instructions, a quick note, or to simply use the S-Pen instead of your finger.  When I pickup my Galaxy Note 2, the first thing I do is pull out my S-Pen, if for nothing else to play around while I am on a phone call.  If you own a Galaxy Note smartphone, try it, you might like it!