Samsung Could Be Skipping Fingerprint Sensors for an Eye Scanner in the Galaxy S5

Eye Scanner

I am sorry, but this is just too cool, like something from Terminator – sources over at AndroidSaS revealed today that Samsung may forgo the fingerprint scanner/sensor and instead will use an eye scanner as their secure way to unlock their new smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S5, which rumor has it will be announced at the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) show in Barcelona, Spain, February 24 – 27.

Sources tell them that Samsung has been working on the technology and want to use the new eye scanner device in their next new flagship, the Galaxy S5…which would certainly help give a boost to its sales, as we geeks love that hi-tech crap!  Although there is nothing official and this is strictly a rumor, it does seem like an alternative that Samsung would explore, after all they are definitely into the “Eye Sensors” with their  “Smart Screen” option under their “Settings” menu, where that little “eye-ball” stares back at you on the top of your screen.  There you can choose from:

  • Smart Stay – which allows your phone display to always stay on as long as you are “looking” at the screen.
  • Smart Rotation – that keeps your screen from rotating into the landscape mode by following the “orientation” of you face.
  • Smart Pause – which will pause a video you are watching if you “turn you head” away from the screen.
  • Smart Scroll – that will automatically “follow your eyes” and scroll up or down the page according to their position.

With all of this attention to the users’ eyes and following their pattern to guide their current phones, like the Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, and Galaxy S4, it is logical to assume that Samsung could expand this into using an eye scanner to unlock your phone and other security measures as well, such as securing a purchase from the app store or for a Google Wallet purpose.  The main problem with the eye scanning technology is what happens in low light situations – how will it be able to scan your eye, or in those situations would the device revert back to the old-fashioned password.

What do you think of this eye scanner option?  Would it deter criminals even more, after all it would be a lot easier to cut off a finger than dig an eye out of its socket – gross I know. Hit us up in the comments or join the conversation on Google+.