Rumor has it That Samsung May Use ID Chip to Prevent Unauthorized Accessories


Samsung has really been in the news lately – some good, like the successful launch this month of the Galaxy Note 3 and companion smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and some not so good, like exploding batteries and the region locking of their devices.  This latest rumor would fall under the latter category, not so good news, as Korea's ETNews reports that Samsung may become more "Applish" by requiring their smartphone phone and tablet buyers to use genuine Samsung Accessories or, at the very least, an authorized product from another manufacturer – read that as licensing fees, which means the higher cost pushed onto the consumer.



Samsung may "implant" an ID Chip into the accessory so that the device will recognize it as an approved product, thus allowing the device and accessory to work with one another.  Samsung makes some great device accessories, but they are 30-40-percent higher than "off-brands," and could cost the purchaser more money to own a Samsung product, which is usually the case with their devices from the beginning.

Samsung Galaxy Devices Note, S4, Glaxy Gear, Tablet, Note 10.1, Galaxy Zoom

All of the Samsung devices – Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Gear, and Tablets would all be subjected to this ID Chip.  The money we spend on our "gadgets" already adds up to a tremendous amount of money, and now Samsung is asking us to invest more into the protective accessories that we want or need to prolong the devices useful life. Would my new Galaxy Note 3 case by Spigen be unauthorized, or would I simply have to pay Spigen extra money to have Samsung authorize it with an ID Chip?



Now we can get angry with Samsung for even thinking about doing this (this is a rumor), however, Samsung is in damage control mode about the battery situation, which is primarily happening because of cheaper, third party batteries, not Samsung's brand.  Accessories bought from a third party do not always work properly as does the genuine Samsung branded items.  I recently purchased a "genuine" Samsung S-View case for my wife's Galaxy Note 3 – the box was a genuine Samsung box and the S-View case was a Samsung product, however, it was one that had been recalled because the magnet was missing, and this company "intercepted" some and was selling them below market cost.  I was angry when the case appeared to be a Samsung case, yet would not work properly; then I was angry at myself for be taken, but I did get my money back…but I learned a valuable lesson, and one that Samsung does not want to happen to its customers.

To prevent exploding batteries and to make sure your accessories work with your Samsung device, I can see them taking this course of action, especially as we move into wireless chargers, etc.  Samsung wants to make money, but they also want you to have an overall good experience with their products from when you first purchase them until the time you decide to trade up.  How do you feel about this possible action being taken by Samsung – please leave us a comment of on Google+.

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