Review: Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case for the Galaxy Note 3



The Galaxy Note 3 is probably the most popular phone of the year, which is definitely not surprising. So there are many cases available for this device, which we are beginning to get many of them in for review. Today, we are taking a look at the Zenus Masstige Lettering Diary Case. This one comes in both black and brown. Of course I have the brown one in for review here.

The Zenus Masstige case is made from high quality materials and has internal pockets for you to add credit cards, cash or even your license. It's a really nice case. It's also got a rugged design that keeps your phone fully protected. I've only had it in house for a couple of days, but so far I really like it. Even though it's not "my style" as I don't really like diary cases. I did review a Zenus Diary case for the Nexus 4 earlier this year, which was a pretty nice looking and feeling case as well.


The Good

  • Protection: This case will definitely provide plenty of protection for your Galaxy Note 3, which is pretty much the point in getting a case, right?
  • Internal Pockets: I like having those internal pockets there for credit cards, ID, cash, etc. Makes it easier to go for a walk and not need to bring your wallet with you.
  • Rugged design: This one is designed to be a bit rugged, it can even take a couple of drops.

The Bad

  • Price: Although a lot of you may not agree with my, but I think the price is a bit steep. I'd expect this to be around $35 or so, not $47.
  • Colors: I do wish this came in more than just brown or black colors. Maybe some other colors that matched the Note 3? Like white.


This is definitely a case I enjoyed having on the Galaxy Note 3. Although I still think the SPIGEN cases are more my style right now. If you're looking for a nice classy case for your Galaxy Note 3, this is the one to get. It's available at both Amazon and Mobile Fun right now.