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I love the look of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the new faux leather back, along with its slightly narrower body, really makes holding the Galaxy Note 3 a real pleasure.  I almost hate to cover it up with a case, but the ever present danger of dropping this expensive beast without a case is just too frightening.  I chose the Neo Hybrid case by Spigen, because it adds very little bulk and retains a lot of the original phone's design, but adds a little more "metal" around the edges, giving it a bit more of a "rugged" look, while still adding some protection.


Bottom Back Note 3

This one of my favorite views of the Galaxy Note 3 with the Neo Hybrid case – it has just a bit of flare around the S-Pen silo, but the hole in the case is large enough to accept your finger for retrieval of the S-Pen.  Next to the S-Pen is the speaker cut-out, followed by the USB 3.0 port and the hole for the microphone.  I would also like to "note" that the Neo Hybrid case actually makes it easier to plug-in the USB 3.0 connector to the phone – the cut-out acts as a guide for the plug's head.  You can also see how the case is ever so slightly raised around the edges, to protect your Note 3 from falls and I must point out that this case fits over the existing Note 3 back…you do not remove the faux leather backing.

Top Top


Here you can see how the entire edge is slightly raised so if you flip your Galaxy Note 3 over and put it face-down on a table, it will keep your screen from direct contact with the surface…and hopefully, if you drop it, the same thing will occur.

Back Side On Off

This side shot shows you the new on/off switch, Spigen name engraved, and the noise cancellation hole.  Again, from this angle you can see how the back of the case is raised for the Note 3's protection.  I also must say that the buttons in the case almost make the experience of pushing them a little smoother, for lack of a better word.


Back VolumeThe other side of the Neo Hybrid case is totally clean looking except for the volume key.

Back Top

The top of the case shows the earplug/headphone jack, noise cancellation hole, and the larger IR blaster hole, and a good shot of the camera and flash area.


I must say that after using my Neo Hybrid case a few days I really do enjoy it, except that it is a fingerprint magnet from the oil in your hands.  It comes in two pieces, the neoprene type "case," and the separate, one-piece, trim ring, that you can purchase in different colors, shown below.  It simply snaps around the the rubber case, and it takes a little "juggling" to get it seated properly, but once in place, it stays there.  The trim ring really adds a touch of elegance, and although plastic, it does look like metal.  I doubt that it adds as much protection as it adds to the looks to the Galaxy Note 3, but it is definitely better nothing.

Neo Hybrid Colors

The Spigen Neo Hybrid comes in a variety of colors – Dante Red, Reventon Yellow, Satin Silver, Metal Slate, and Infinity White.  They will run you $34.99 on their Spigen's website and about $29.99 on Ebay.  What case are you sporting on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or do you prefer going "naked."

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