Service Manual for the Nexus 5 Leaks, Giving us an Idea of What to Expect – 8MP OIS Camera, 32GB Storage and More


This evening, Android Police is reporting on a purported service manual that was sent to them by an anonymous source that gives us a lot more detail about the next Nexus. Whether it be the Nexus 5 or the Nexus 4 (2013). It looks very familiar, very like the one that passed through the FCC and the one the Googler was holding during the Kit Kat unveiling last month.



The service manual gives us plenty of specs as well:

  • 4.95-inch 1080p IPS TFT display
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 2GB of RAM
  • MSM8947 – Snapdragon 800 clocked @ 2.3GHz
  • 8MP OIS Camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • 2300mAh battery
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity/Ambient Light, Pressure
  • Slimport
  • Micro SIM slot
  • Notification light
  • Wireless charging
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth 3.0….surprised it's not 4.0.
  • UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE compatibility

 Nexus 5 leak manual

Android Police is also stating that the weird circle on the front of the device is the earpiece. There's still not a clear view of that circle on the front available just yet. The assumption is that it's just a very uniquely designed speaker grill. We can see the speaker and camera modules though. This service manual looks to be the real deal. As I doubt someone would go to the trouble to create a 281-page document to show off a fake Nexus. Although, last year we did have about 4 fake Nexus' running around along with a hugely fake list of Android 4.2 features. Last year was pretty crazy. This year, everything seems to be aligning much better and all the rumors appear to be coinciding with each other, which is great to see and makes our job easier.



On the spec list there, we see some great things, and we see some not so great things. I like the display, storage, RAM, processor and camera. But the battery size is just too small. Remember the Nexus 4 has a 2100mAh battery with a lower clock-speed processor, and a 720p display. Yes, I know the Snapdragon 800 is a power sipper, but the battery really isn't that big in my opinion.