Overview: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Scrapbooker

Note 3 Scrapbooker

One of the latest additions to Samsung’s repertoire of software on the Galaxy Note series is Scrapbooker.  Scrapbooker comes shipped with the Galaxy Note 3 and makes for a super easy way to take snippets of any kind of information and organize them visually.  You can even add tags or a note to each of these snippets.  What makes Scrapbooker different from S-Note you might wonder?  Let’s delve into the app and find out.

Note-3-Scrapbooker-1 Note-3-Scrapbooker-2 Note-3-Scrapbooker-3

The most obvious way that scrapbooker is different from S-Note is how you launch the app.  Sure you could just go into your app drawer and find it there, but where’s the fun in that?  Say you’ve found a news story that’s really cool, or maybe a tasty dessert on Pinterest, and you want to save it for later or to share.  Launch Air Command, click the Scrapbooker icon and circle exactly what you want to save.  Scrapbooker takes from S-Pen crop and extrapolates the actual information on the screen, meaning that if you highlight text it’ll actually convert that to editable text so you can change stuff later instead of just taking a cropped screenshot of what you’ve circled.  This integrated technology makes it smarter than what we’ve seen from S-Note in the past, and it’s also what enables you to categorize things more easily.

Note-3-Scrapbooker-4 Note-3-Scrapbooker-6 Note-3-Scrapbooker-5

Once you’ve selected your information Scrapbooker appears and shows you what you’ve just cropped.  From here you can add a tag for easy searching later on using S-Finder, and from settings you can also enable Location Tag if you so desire, which will allow you to find the scrapbook later via the location it was made.  You can also add a note to the scrapbook, making comments and annotations super easy.  Once you save your scrapbook it’ll be placed in any category of your choosing, so if you’d like to make a recipe book with recipe cards, for instance, you can categorize it as so.

Note-3-Scrapbooker-7 Note-3-Scrapbooker-8

From the main screen you can pull out the left slide-out menu and you’ll find all of your categories and tags on one neat little place.  Hitting the menu button brings up a fair amount of options, including managing categories, importing (probably from someone who’s shared their scrapbook with you), accounts and location tag.  Like most of the Samsung apps, Scrapbooker is linked with your Samsung account and will be backed up with the rest of your Samsung stuff.  While Scrapbooker initially seems extremely similar to S-Note, it’s clear that Samsung wanted to give you a separate place to keep your collections of things from the actual notes you make.