Only ONE Prize Per Person, So If You've Won a $5 Google Play Credit, No Nexus 7 For You!


By now, you would have to live on another planet not to know that Google's next rendition of Android is being called version 4.4 KitKat, and not version 5.0 Key Lime Pie. You also should also be aware that Google and Nestle (Hershey in the U.S.) have teamed up to sell Kit Kat bars with special wrappers that allow you to win prizes – promoting 1,000 free Nexus 7 Tablets and 160,000 each $5 Google Play credits. What you may not know is that in the U.S., you are only eligible for ONE prize, so if you win a $5 Google Play credit, you will be unable to re-enter for either another $5 Google Play credit or the Nexus 7 Tablet. Blokes in the UK though have reported winning multiple $5 Google Play Credits.

If you haven't yet become addicted to the Kit Kat bar, and if you have already won a $5 Google Play credit, then save your waistline and button those jeans while you still can, because you have won all that you are going to win…no Nexus 7 Tablet for you.  This was discovered when a customer, that had already won one $5 Google Play credit, went to the website to enter another wrapper Code, and it refused to allow him to enter it any more codes.


KitKat Contest Page

So he complained to the company on Google+ and this was the response he received and his subsequent post:

KitKat Contest


This situation seems odd in that fact that Kit Kat manufacturers are in this agreement to sell as many Kit Kat candy bars as possible, and once customers that have already won a prize catch wind of this, most will stop buying.  It also isn't fair to those that have only won a $5 Google Play credit, not being allowed at a chance for a Nexus 7…I know that winning something is better than nothing, but there is no comparison to a $5 Google Play credit and a new Nexus 7 tablet.  I can understand if you are one of the lucky Nexus 7 tablet winners, that you would no longer be eligible for a second tablet, but to block $5 Google Play credit winners from a chance at the Nexus 7 tablet is simply not right.  These rules should be clearly printed on the Kit Kat wrappers so customers are aware of that stipulation…and why does it appear that UK customers may enter the contest multiple times?

Let us know if you have won anything in the Kit Kat and Google contest and what do you think about this limitation…get on their Google+ and voice your displeasure.

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