Niantic Labs Begins Pushing out Ingress v1.37.2 Update

October 8, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This afternoon, the folks over at Niantic Labs have begun to push out a new version of the Ingress app. It seems like they are pushing out a new update to the app just about every two weeks, which is really nice to see. Especially since some Google apps haven’t been updated in months (*cough* Google Voice *cough*). As usual, there’s some bug fixes in this release and it brings some other great features as well.

  • Clicking on a portal mentioned in COMM will jump to a remote view of that portal. From this view you can remote charge if you have a key. Further clicking on the portal itself lets you see deploy and upgrade (mod) status just as you would by clicking on a portal in the field.
  • Long pressing a name in COMM will give you an option to view an agent’s profile or send them a message. (Note that there’s an option to turn your profile private in the settings, but default is public.)


It’s great to see this update. Especially those that are still playing Ingress hard-core. Unfortunately, I don’t play Ingress as much anymore, because I just don’t have the time. But it is cool that clicking on a portal mentioned on COMM and jumping to the remote view of the portal is pretty cool to see. As well as long pressing a name in COMM which gives you an option to view the agent’s profile or send them a message. The game has really gotten some nice updates and new features in the past year. Yes Ingress has been around for almost a year now. It sure doesn’t seem like it, but I got my invite on Thanksgiving last year, and that was about a month after Ingress launched.

Currently, Ingress is still in closed beta, so you’ll need an invite code to play. If you’re still looking for an invite, let us know in the comments below.