Nexus 5 Leaks Out Again, This Time Coming out of Russia

LG Nexus 5 in Russia GSM Insider Image 1

The LG Nexus 5 has been being leaked like crazy lately, along side Android 4.4. We know that the announcement is coming really soon. In fact, there’s a rumor that it could be announced as early as tomorrow. Although it’s looking very unlikely that’ll happen. Since no press invites have come out yet. Now we’ve got some new images coming out of Russia. These were posted by a Russian Google+ user. And the phone basically looks the same as it did in all the previous leaks.


This device looks a lot more official since it does have a Nexus logo on the back of the device, we still might not be seeing the final build of the device. We can also see from the display that this device is running on the Russian carrier, Beeline network. Its also running Android 4.4 KitKat, but that’s not really a big surprise now is it. We can also tell it’s running KitKat since the icons in the status bar are white, like just about every leak we’ve seen in the past few weeks.


GSMInsider notes that there are Beats Audio headphones in the picture, but I’m willing to bet that the user owned those ahead of time and that they did not come with the Nexus 5. Could you imagine the Snapdragon 800-powered Nexus 5 plus Beats Audio headphones all for under $400 unlocked? That would be pretty amazing and pretty much impractical. But LG could be the new Beats Audio partner, since they did buy their share back from HTC and Beats Audio is not part o the HTC One Max which was unveiled early this morning. This is definitely getting pretty interesting.


So the Nexus 5 appears to be sporting the same design as the Nexus 7 (2013) is. Could be a good thing, could also be a bad thing. Right now, I’m not too sure what I think about the design of the phone. I may have to wait until I see it in person to form an opinion though. What do all of you think?