Nexus 5 Camera Samples Show Up on Google+, Removed Shortly After

October 28, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This has been the biggest question about the Nexus 5. Which is the camera. We all know how great the camera’s have been on past Nexus phones. They’ve been adequate but really not up to par with the competition. So we’ve been hoping that the Nexus 5 would have a better camera. There are two things keeping me from grabbing a Nexus 5, soon. That’s the battery and the camera. Today a few images were posted up on Google+ that were taken with the Nexus 5. They’ve already been removed, so we’ll have to credit Phandroid with finding them before they were removed.

These pictures appear to be taken by a Googler at a Halloween event at the Googleplex, wish I was invited. How do we know it’s from the Nexus 5? Well looking at the EXIF data on the pictures we can see that it says Nexus 5. But it’s also important to remember that the EXIF data can easily be faked, and has been in the past. The picture looks to be of just some vegetables outside, nothing too special. But the picture doesn’t look horrible, in my opinion. I’ll have to see more images in low light, indoors, etc., before I can say if the Nexus 5’s camera is good or bad. But I really hope it’s good.


The images have already been removed as we stated above. According to Phandroid the images were removed by “Update: A few images have been removed at the request of the owner’s wife.” Hopefully we’ll see more soon. Or better yet the Nexus 5 will be announced soon! We were hoping that today would be the day since Vic Gundotra and Sundar Pichai couldn’t sleep last night. But it turns out that is just a Google+ event for tomorrow morning which will be live streamed.