Next HTC Flagship Codenamed M8, To Debut With Sense 6.0

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It seems on the verge of the Nexus 5 arriving, that @evleaks has a leaked us a little gem – directing our attention towards HTC and away from the Nexus 5 frenzy.  According to him, the HTC M8 will be their first smartphone to use their new Sense 6.0.  Our notorious leaker is well-known for his accurate leaks so we can be pretty sure this is a true statement…now if we only knew more about the HTC M8 that Sense 6.0 will be accompanying.

evleaks Sense 6.0

No doubt, the M8 is a code name for the next flagship from HTC – the HTC M7 was the moniker for the HTC One, so it goes to follow that the M8 will be the HTC One’s replacement in 2014.  HTC M8 has been thrown around before when talk about the M8 surfaced on Pocket-Lint, and with @evleaks confirming the M8, we will keep our eyes focused on getting you more information as it becomes available.

So far, HTC has been able to keep the wraps on the M8, without one picture or even a conceptual image appearing anywhere.  The HTC One was so well received, and so shockingly beautiful, it will be a tough act to follow…one thing is for certain, HTC will most likely keep the aluminum body and dual stereo speakers that made the HTC One so popular.  Surely the addition of a fingerprint sensor/reader and camera upgrades will find their way on to the next HTC One rendition…speaking of the name, what do you think would be appropriate for their next flagship – HTC Two?

HTC Sense is one of the most beloved “skins” over the base Android operation system, and, unlike Samsung, HTC seems to come out with a yearly update making it better all of the time.  We cannot even begin to speculate what HTC will do in the new Sense 6.0 – all of you “Sense Users” out there, what would you like to see incorporated into the next version.  Is there anything you feel is missing from the current version or ways that HTC could improve on a feature that is already there, but possibly not executed well?

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions that you may have concerning the next Sense 6.0, or even the HTC M8.