New Feed Reader, Flyne, Released By the Author of Falcon Pro


If you are a Twitter user with an Android device, you should be using Falcon Pro. It's my personal favorite in the sea of Twitter apps available. Unfortunately, Twitter decided to crush the app like a grape when they went to war with third-party apps. The app's creator, Joaquim Verges, has made Falcon Pro available at It still works with a little bit of set up. Thankfully, Verges is still hard at work and just unveiled a new app for us last night.

The new app is called Flyne. It's a reader, similar to Feedly or Google Currents. The difference with Flyne is that it uses Twitter to come up with stories for you to read. When you log in to Twitter from within the Flyne app, you can select which categories you want to see from the Twitter accounts that you follow. Instant customized feed reader! You can log in to Feedly and the app will pull straight from your RSS feeds, too. Customizing your feeds with Twitter or Feedly requires separate in-app purchases for each. The Twitter log in is $1.99, and the Feedly log in is $0.99. These are totally worth it, both for the customization they offer, and to support Verges and the awesome work he continues to do.


Even if you don't want to customize your feeds, you can use Flyne for free. It will pull from popular news sources. You can select which categories of news you want to see and go from there. Navigating through Flyne is easy. It's laid out in a clean magazine style and uses swipe gestures to take you places. If you swipe from the right you'll see a list of articles from a selected category that you can then scroll through. If you swipe from the left, you'll see the navigation menu that shows your categories and an unread count. You can easily mark all items as read or go to a story. When you're in an article, swiping left or right navigates between articles. There are links to share a story, read the story in your browser, or save it for later. The app also has a light and dark mode, just like Falcon Pro.

Joaquim Verges has built us another winner. Hit the Play Store link and check it out. You won't regret it.

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