MotoMaker Could Be Coming To Best Buy Stores In The Next Couple Of Weeks


While some carriers are still waiting for MotoMaker to arrive, a new rumor claims that Best Buy might be getting MotoMaker soon and that it will receive a prime placement on their stores. This rumor comes from PhoneArena‘s inside source which adds that this is coming in the next couple of weeks.

Apparently, MotoMaker displays have already been shipped to Best Buy stores and will be put on display over the next couple of weeks. It will allow users to purchase a voucher for a Moto X but it says nothing on whether the users will be able to customize their phones on site, which honestly is the only thing that makes sense for this kind of move. If you can’t customize it on site, then why even bother to go to Best Buy at all? The most likely scenario is that you’ll be able to purchase and customize a Moto X right there and have it shipped directly to your house or you can choose to pick it up at the Best Buy store of your choosing.


That’s the most logical move for both Motorola and Best Buy and it’s what would give the best experience to customers. Making a deal with Best Buy is a great move by Google since Best Buy has an impressive amount of traffic and a prime placement there could do wonders for Motorola’s latest phone.

The Moto X has received some great reviews around the web and while we don’t know any sales numbers, we bet it’s selling pretty well, even with MotoMaker being exclusive to AT&T. Also, I’m sure that once MotoMaker is available to everyone, the Moto X sales will exponentially grow in comparison to what the phone is selling today. I’m sure that people who read the reviews and are interested in the phone are just waiting to get their hands on a white and yellow or a black and blue version of the phone.