Moto Maker Now Offers iOS Users an Easier Way to Go Google; Smooth Transition to a New Moto X


A lot of Android users will have come from either BlackBerry devices or from an older iPhone, before the days of Apple's brilliantly named iCloud that made things nice and easy to keep data neat and tidy, at least on an iOS device. Before then, everything had to be done through the clunky iTunes method and if you hadn't already got all of your contacts in your GMail account, it wasn't easy getting them up there. Sure, it wasn't terrible or anything but, it was nowhere near as easy as it should have been. Now, Motorola and Google are offering iCloud and iOS users a much simpler way to get their details transferred to their Google account, and then on to a new Moto X. All of this is done through Motorola's ground-breaking Moto Maker software.

Motorola Mobility's Punit Soni took to Google+ to make the announcement, saying that there's "there is a long way to go but, it's a start". A pretty good start if you were to ask us. Migrating platforms is never easy and anything that makes things more approachable is a good thing in our book. iCloud users only need to provide their iCloud login details and choose which Google account they were to transfer content over to. Motorola is saying that it'll take roughly 5 minutes to transfer 500 contacts and 500 calendar events but, it does depend on your network speed etc, etc. Right now, the transfer only deals with Contacts and Calendar events, taking them from an iCloud account and into a GMail account. The Motorola page even details how users can log-in online and see their contacts in GMail.


This new process should make it a lot easier for those migration from an iOS device to a Moto X much easier as some of your most important info is taken care of for you. If Motorola wanted the Moto X to be the Android phone for everyone, then Moto Maker is certainly doing a good job of fulfilling that remit. It'd be great to see something like this launch on all Android devices, or some sort of landing page for iCloud users looking to switch to Android and are in need of setting up a GMail account. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and HTC all over similar services but this seems like the cleanest way for iOS users to get their contacts on that shiny new Moto X device. We reviewed the Moto X and found a lot to love about the device and now, this is one more reason to recommend it to your iPhone "friends".

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