More Leaked Screenshots of KitKat Android 4.4 Reveal Printing and Payments Support



Nexus season is in full swing, and has been for some time now and, as usual that brings with it a whole lot of leaks and rumors concerning the next version of Android. The choclatey KitKat that is Android 4.4 has already been leaked a couple of times before and thanks to log files that just keep on giving, we already have quite a bit of info on the subject. This time around, Gadget Helpline has managed to get their hands on what looks like an early build of Android 4.4 running on what seems to be a Nexus 4. It's clear to us that these shots represent an earlier build of Android 4.4, as the Key Lime Pie references are still here.




Regardless of the build's age however, details such as built-in Printing and Payments supports are revealed in these new screenshots. While nothing is really known about these two features it would stand to reason that Payments is simply tighter integration with Google Wallet and Printing will be Google's Cloud Print brought down to mobile.



The device in question seems to line up with build code names we've heard before, with the "Hammerhead" name once again making an appearance.



There are also some improvements to the camera software as well, which could line-up with the rumored MEMS camera to be shipping with the Nexus 5.


It seems that this build of Android 4.4 is more of the Lime flavor than it is a chocolate treat, this build seems to be a little older than other leaks we've seen. Gadget Helpline have a screenshot of what could be the Dialer, which looks much like it does in Android 4.3, with minor tweaks.


IMG_3373-550x366 (1)

Astute readers will note that this is very different from the dialer shot we all saw a few weeks ago.



We're not too sure what to make of these new leaks. While they certainly give us insights into some tighter integration of Google services, such as Google Wallet and Cloud Print, it's clear that this is an earlier build and so there's not too much we can take away from these in a UI sense. Nevertheless, we should all find out just what KitKat is all about.

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